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Keeping track of your favorite comedians can be tough. While the world’s funniest people deserve the spotlight, sometimes they—and their tour schedules—fly under the radar. Twitter’s become a great resource; nearly all contemporary touring comedians use the site. Even huge names like Jerry Seinfeld promote their tours through the platform, and you can catch dates and announcements there. You can also set up a free account on sites like Songkick, which tracks your favorite acts and funniest comedians, and sends you alerts for upcoming concerts and comedy tours.

Act Fast

Sure, Louis CK, Patton Oswalt and Gabriel Iglesias tickets go fast, but signing up for those alerts will help you nab those precious live comedy seats as soon as they open up. You can also open multiple browser tabs and refresh the pages like they’re going out of style; chances are at least one of your windows will get through, and you’ll get those tickets and the last laugh.

Take a Seat

Last but not least, if given the opportunity to pick your seat at comedy events, think about your favorite popular comedians: Are their routines physical, marked by a lot of movement? If there’s a lot going on during a set, you may want to sit up in the balcony or the mezzanine to take it all in. If your favorite comedy acts are a bit more understated, you should probably opt for floor seats that are closer to the stage. And, of course, if you’re OK with getting heckled by some of the best comedy acts themselves, well, then you’ll want to take a seat up front to be part of the action. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Finding the Best Tickets to Comedy Shows Maybe you first heard them on a podcast, or perhaps they were just one in a lineup of 30 comedians at a comedy festival—however you found them, it’s made your life better, even if your sides still hurt. And while recordings of routines can keep you endlessly entertained, there’s nothing quite like a live comedy show. Here’s how to keep track of your favorite funny men and women, score great comedy tickets, and get the most out of your seats.