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MLB Baseball Schedule

Is there any American pastime quite like baseball games? Major League Baseball has been ingrained in American culture since the organization was founded more than a century ago. Getting to the best MLB games isn’t a matter of luck, though. Here are some tips for getting your hands on popular MLB tickets in your home state and beyond.

Know Thy MLB Schedule

If you’re a diehard Boston fan, and tickets to Fenway Park to watch those Yankees get beat is on your bucket list, you’ll have to plan pretty far in advance. The professional baseball season is about 162 games over a seven-month period, during which dozens of MLB teams play most days. Baseball game tickets can range from $8 to more than $250 during the regular season, so there’s something to fit everyone’s budget. As soon as the MLB schedule is released, you can plan which baseball tickets to aim for. So, check and see if those Red Sox tickets are within reach, or if you’ll have to settle for Boston vs. a lesser known rival, since the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry tickets are notoriously the most expensive tickets during regular season.

Timing Matters

The later in the season you head to MLB game day, the cheaper the tickets will be. After openers, prices for tickets typically fall pretty significantly. But, because the summer weather is usually warmer and dryer than spring, ticket prices head back up around June and July. Once the weather starts cooling again, MLB baseball ticket prices tend to dip lower. Time of day matters, too, for MLB baseball tickets. Weekend tickets are usually much more expensive than weekday and day games since demand is higher.

Find Flexibility with MLB Season Tickets

Of course, throwing all-in for season tickets at your favorite MLB stadium could set you up with MLB baseball tickets all season long. Whether you live near Yankee Stadium or you want to see the Cubs play every game at Wrigley Field, season tickets are the best way to ensure you won’t miss a play.

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