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Mercedes-Benz Stadium - Football Seating Map

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Mercedes-Benz Stadium - Football 2 Seating Map

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Mercedes-Benz Stadium - Kenny Chesney 2023 Seating Map

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Mercedes-Benz Stadium - Rolling Stones 2 Seating Map

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Mercedes-Benz Stadium - Soccer Seating Map

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Mercedes-Benz Stadium - Zach Bryan Seating Map

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About Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a stadium that first opened its doors in 2017. Currently, it’s under the ownership of the Georgia World Congress Center Authority.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Seating

Mercedes-Benz Stadium has a total capacity of 75,000. However, this number can vary for events with unique venue configurations. Also known as The Dome, MBS and The Benz, it is a retractable roof venue with an artificial turf playing surface.

Before the venue was named Mercedes-Benz Stadium, it was also known as the New Atlanta Stadium.

Teams and Events at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the home to the Atlanta Falcons (NFL) and the Atlanta United FC (MLS). The venue serves as the stage for football, soccer and concert events, along with the ability to host many other functions.

Getting into Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Want to ensure a smooth entry to Mercedes-Benz Stadium? We've got you covered! From security to accessibility, we've compiled all the info you need for a hassle-free arrival.

Security at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Security at Mercedes-Benz Stadium is taken very seriously. All guests are required to go through security checks before entering the venue. Typically, security checkpoints tend to get longer as you get closer to the start time of the event. We recommend planning ahead so you don’t miss anything. Please note that Mercedes-Benz Stadium has a strict bag policy.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Bag Policy & Prohibited Items

Bags must be CLEAR plastic, vinyl, or PVC and not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”. Bags cannot be tinted with color or include oversized content that prevents visibility into the clear bag. Only non-clear bags smaller than 4.5” x 6.5” will be permitted into the stadium. Any non-clear bag exceeding 4.5” x 6.5” in size will not be permitted.

What to Bring to Mercedes-Benz Stadium

When you come to an event at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, make sure to bring your ticket and a valid ID, especially if you intend to purchase alcohol. We recommend bringing a credit or debit card and also some cash. Because this is a venue with a retractable roof, it can get a little cold during the winter months (and sometimes year round) if the roof is not closed. So, we recommend checking the weather report and to consider bringing extra layers and maybe even a blanket. Plus, it might be worth it to carry a rain jacket or poncho just in case the weather changes.

Is Mercedes-Benz Stadium ADA Accessible?

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is committed to providing a comfortable experience for all guests. Assistive listening is available, and so is sensory accessibility. The venue is ADA compliant, too. Typically, Mercedes-Benz Stadium has special seating and preferred entry gates for these patrons. Be sure to check the policy for your specific event for more information.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Experience

Your experience at Mercedes-Benz Stadium extends beyond the event itself. Discover delicious food and drinks, convenient transportation options, and more to create an unforgettable memory.

Food and Beverage at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz Stadium offers a tempting selection of food and drinks. From refreshing non-alcoholic beverages to drinks like beer, wine and mixed drinks, and an assortment of food and snacks, you'll be sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds.

Payment Methods Accepted at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz Stadium primarily operates on a cashless basis. This implies that while some vendors may still accept cash, most onsite purchases are done with digital wallets or debit and credit cards. Although Mercedes-Benz Stadium accepts most credit cards (such as Visa and Mastercard), it is prudent to carry a small amount of cash for tipping and for the few vendors that might accept it inside and outside the venue.

Are There Phone Charging Stations at Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

Yes, Mercedes-Benz Stadium is equipped with phone charging stations throughout. They are usually located in the concourse. However, it’s important to note that these charging stations may require a small fee, so we suggest fully charging your device before arriving at the venue.

Is There Wi-Fi Available?

Indeed, the venue provides Wi-Fi access. We suggest connecting to the Wi-Fi network immediately upon arrival, as cellular service can sometimes be unreliable.

How to Get to Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is located at Martin Luther King Jr Dr SW & Northside Dr NW, Atlanta, Georgia, 30313. We've got you covered with all the options to get there, from public transportation to convenient rideshares.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Parking Details

Mercedes-Benz Stadium has plenty of parking options nearby. Many event-goers will utilize onsite parking, while others will use nearby public parking. Parking prices can range depending on where you decide to park and may even be free for some events. We have outlined some of the closest parking options for Mercedes-Benz Stadium visitors. They are 550 Mitchell St SW Parking, Mercedes-Benz Lot, Silver Deck, Lot M and All Ga. Dome Events Tickets & Parking.

How Early Should I Get to Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

Arrival times may vary depending on the event, but we recommend arriving at the venue about an hour before the scheduled start time. This gives you some breathing room in case of traffic congestion, parking difficulties, visits to the merchandise store, or if you want to grab some food and drinks before the event starts.

If you plan on tailgating, we recommend getting to Mercedes-Benz Stadium even earlier, so you can enjoy the full pregame experience!

Can You Tailgate at Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

Mercedes-Benz Stadium permits tailgating. However, the regulations concerning open flames, grills, and open containers can differ depending on local laws. Specific events may also have different rules, so reviewing the venue's particular guidelines is always wise when planning your tailgate. Remember that the goal is to create an enjoyable and safe environment for all event attendees.

Rideshare Drop-off and Pickup Location

At Mercedes-Benz Stadium, there are specific pick-up locations for rideshare users. You’ll find the designated pick-up spots at two convenient locations: Rideshare Zone 1 at Northside Drive, directly in front of the Georgia World Congress Center's Building C, and Rideshare Zone 2 at Centennial Olympic Park Drive sidewalk, leading in the direction of State Farm Arena. Using rideshare to attend an event is a great option because it eliminates the stress of finding parking, which can often be scarce and expensive. Additionally, ridesharing promotes safety by providing reliable transportation if you plan on drinking alcohol during your visit.

Closest Bus Stop to Mercedes-Benz Stadium

For a budget-friendly option, the nearest bus stop is located at Northside Dr SW & Mitchell St SW.

Closest Train Stop to Mercedes-Benz Stadium

You can find the nearest train/metro station at Vine City Station. One of the biggest benefits of taking the train is that it is rarely late, and you never have to deal with unforeseen traffic or parking issues.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Surrounding Area

A stone’s throw away from Mercedes-Benz Stadium, a variety of restaurants await, serving everything from local specialties to global dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for a fast snack before the event or a gourmet meal, there’s a choice for every taste. The vicinity also features a selection of hotels, providing a handy option for guests from out of town. With everything from high-end lodgings to economical choices, there’s a suitable resting place for every traveler.

Nearby Restaurants to Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is surrounded by great restaurants and bars ready for any pre-event or post-event activities. Here are the top rated bars and/or restaurants close to the venue: Molly B's, Farm Burger, Kevin Gillespie, H&F Burger/Hop's Chicken, West Nest, Williamson Bros. BBQ, Atl BBQ, ATL Pizza Company, Delta Sky 360 Club Bar, Mercedes Benz Club and Yard Dogs.

FAQs about Mercedes-Benz Stadium

What time do doors open at Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

Doors typically open anywhere between 90 minutes to 2 hours prior to showtime at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Be sure to check the listing on your ticket as showtimes will vary.

Are VIP Packages or Accessible Seating offered at Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

Mercedes-Benz Stadium VIP seating packages and accessible seating section locations may vary per event. Please click the seating chart below or contact our customer service department to discuss options for accessible seating or VIP package purchases.

Where is the Atlanta Falcons Sideline at Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

The Atlanta Falcons home bench is located in front of Club 108, Club 109, Club 110, Club 111, and Club 112 and the away team bench is in front of Club 126, Club 127, Club 128, Club 129, and Club 130.

Where is the Atlanta United FC Sideline at Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

The Atlanta United FC home bench is located in front of Club 108, Club 109, Club 110, Club 111, and Club 112 and the away team bench is in front of Club 126, Club 127, Club 128, Club 129, and Club 130.

Which sections are club level at Mercedes Benz Stadium?

Club level seats at Mercedes Benz Stadium are in sections 126-130, 108-112, 236-238 and 210 to 212.

When was Mercedes-Benz Stadium opened?

Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta's iconic sports and entertainment venue, opened its doors on August 26, 2017, becoming the new home for the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC.

What sports teams call Mercedes-Benz Stadium home?

The stadium is proud to be the official home of the Atlanta Falcons, the city's NFL team, and Atlanta United FC, the Major League Soccer (MLS) team.

How many people can Mercedes-Benz Stadium accommodate?

With a regular capacity of 71,000, which can be expanded to 75,000 for larger events, the stadium offers a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere for fans and attendees.

Has the stadium hosted any major events beyond sports?

Indeed, beyond sporting events, the stadium has played host to major concerts, including Taylor Swift's multi-night concerts, and significant events like Super Bowl LIII and the upcoming 2026 FIFA World Cup matches.

Does Mercedes-Benz Stadium have a retractable roof?

Yes, the stadium boasts a state-of-the-art retractable roof, allowing it to create an open-air environment or provide cover, ensuring an exceptional experience for fans and performers regardless of the weather.

What's the history behind the stadium's design and construction?

The stadium's journey started in 2011 with comprehensive plans by the architectural firm Populous. After various cost estimates, ground was broken in 2014, leading to its grand opening in 2017.

How has the stadium addressed acoustical issues during concerts?

Following initial acoustical concerns, the stadium made improvements by adjusting speaker angles, adding new speakers to suites, and introducing delays to enhance sound quality during concerts.

Which artist performed the inaugural concert at Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

The honor of the inaugural concert at the stadium went to country music superstar Garth Brooks on October 12, 2017.

Can the stadium host events beyond sports and concerts?

Absolutely! The versatile stadium offers adaptable spaces suitable for conventions, conferences, and diverse entertainment events, ensuring it remains a hub of activity.

What's the significance of the AT&T Lofts premium seating option?

The newly introduced AT&T Lofts offer exclusive premium seating options in the west end zone, designed for intimacy and comfort, complemented by a diverse menu and personal attendants, elevating the fan experience.

Which artist became the first to headline the stadium for two consecutive nights?

Taylor Swift achieved a remarkable feat by headlining two consecutive sold-out nights at the stadium as part of her Reputation Stadium Tour in 2018.

What was the unique residency Kanye West held at the stadium?

Kanye West made headlines with his residency at the stadium, temporarily converting locker-room facilities into recording studios and living quarters as he worked on his album "Donda."

Has Mercedes-Benz Stadium ever undergone renovations?

Yes, the stadium has continuously evolved to enhance amenities, seating options, and overall experiences, reflecting its commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

How is the stadium funded?

The stadium's funding is a collaborative effort involving public contributions, private sponsorships, and ticket sales, ensuring a sustainable foundation for its operation.

What's the maximum seating capacity during concerts?

The stadium's configuration can accommodate up to 75,000 attendees during concerts, making it an ideal venue for large-scale musical performances.

Which major sporting events have taken place at the stadium?

The stadium has hosted an impressive array of major sporting events, including Super Bowl LIII, the College Football Playoff National Championship, and thrilling MLS Cup matches.

Does Mercedes-Benz Stadium have a clear bag policy?

The stadium does have a clear bag policy, these bags must be made from plastic, vinyl or PVC and must be under the required measurements which are 12” x 12” x 6”. Non-clear bags are also permitted but must be smaller than 4.5” x 6.5”.

What items are forbidden or prohibited in Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

Here’s a list of all the forbidden items inside the stadium:

  • Alcohol, illegal drugs or harmful chemicals
  • Animals (except service animals)
  • Aerosol cans or pressurized containers
  • Bags that don’t follow Mercedes-Benz Stadium bag policy
  • Batteries
  • Bottles, cans, glass and other beverage containers
  • Cameras with lens longer than 6”
  • Chairs, booster seats, stools and other seating devices
  • Devices deemed suspicious by Stadium security
  • Food items
  • Hover-boards
  • Inflated balls
  • Knives of any length
  • Large umbrellas, must be under 33” to be allowed
  • Laser pointers
  • Lights
  • Masks that conceal identity, related to health provisions are allowed
  • Noisemakers
  • Pyrotechnics and fireworks
  • Remote controlled aircraft or unmanned aircraft systems (drones)
  • Signs or flags (no larger than 3”x 5”), shakers, pom-poms or any item with a pole or stick
  • Thermoses/Cups
  • Weapons of any kind including, but not limited to, knives, pepper spray, stun guns. Concealed weapons and firearms.

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Performer Date Price Tickets Available
Atlanta United FC Mar 9, 2024 From $35 3,475
Atlanta United FC Mar 17, 2024 From $31 1,977
Atlanta United FC Mar 31, 2024 From $40 2,198
SheBelieves Cup Apr 6, 2024 From $56 2,889
Atlanta United FC Apr 14, 2024 From $41 1,867
Atlanta United FC Apr 20, 2024 From $41 1,954
Atlanta United FC May 4, 2024 From $36 2,376
Atlanta United FC May 11, 2024 From $36 1,932
Kenny Chesney May 18, 2024 From $81 7,712
Atlanta United FC May 25, 2024 From $46 2,221