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Concerts by State & City

The Unforgettable Live Concert Experience

In the United States, the experience of attending a live concert varies greatly, depending on the city. Some cities are well-known for their vibrant music scenes, housing iconic venues and hosting some of the most popular artists.

In New York City, the heartbeat of the country’s music industry, you can see a concert at Madison Square Garden, a historic venue where legends like Elton John and Billy Joel have graced the stage. Downtown in Brooklyn, you'll find the Barclays Center, offering an eclectic mix of artists from around the world.

Over on the West Coast, Los Angeles beckons with its glittering musical landscape. The Hollywood Bowl offers an open-air concert experience under the stars, regularly featuring the Los Angeles Philharmonic and global pop stars. For a more intimate setting, The Troubadour has launched many successful careers, including those of Elton John and Joni Mitchell.

Next, we head to the home of blues and jazz, New Orleans. The city's French Quarter is alive with music practically round the clock. Venues like Preservation Hall, renowned for traditional New Orleans jazz, or Tipitina's, a spot that has nurtured the city's unique funk scene, are must-visits.

Not to be forgotten, Nashville is the heartland of country music. A concert at the Grand Ole Opry, with its rich history and intimate acoustic setting, is an unforgettable experience. The Bluebird Café, meanwhile, offers a chance to see future stars in the making in the realm of country and acoustic music.

Lastly, in the bustling city of Chicago, you can enjoy a live concert at the Chicago Theatre, known for its stunning architecture and wide-ranging performances, or at the House of Blues, a lively venue that pays homage to the city's deep roots in blues music.

No matter the city, attending a live concert in the United States offers a chance to immerse yourself in a melting pot of music genres, appreciate renowned venues, and witness a broad spectrum of talent from emerging to legendary artists.