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NASCAR Schedule & Tickets

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NASCAR Schedule & Tickets

NASCAR Tickets

NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing) races showcase the speed, skill, and precision of motorsports’ best drivers, pit crews, and vehicles. There are four different types of circuits that NASCAR races on across the 36 races of the season, including speedways, superspeedways, short circuits, and road courses. The year is divided into the regular season and the playoffs. Drivers compete for points to climb the championship standings during the regular season. If you win a race in the regular season, you qualify for the 16-car playoffs. There are three races in the playoff “round of 16”, after which the bottom four teams are eliminated. This is repeated until only four drivers and a single race are left. Whoever finishes highest up the order in that race is the Cup Series champion.

With so many races and events happening around the country during the year, there are plenty of chances for NASCAR fans to get out to the track to cheer on their favorite drivers and teams. And when NASCAR fans need tickets to the race, they can get them at Event Tickets Center.

Different Types of Racing in NASCAR

NASCAR is actually comprised of three different series: the NASCAR Cup Series, the NASCAR Xfinity Series (or Nationwide Series), and the NASCAR Truck Series. The Cup Series is the highest level, while the Xfinity Series is treated as a “support” series that teams use as a proving ground for the big leagues. All the NASCAR series race stock cars, meaning every car is similar to those being sold in dealerships (with modifications to increase speed and safety). In all three series, the vehicles run 5.86L V8 engines with 4-speed manual transmissions and range between 700-750 horsepower. NASCAR is also affiliated with more minor, semi-professional stock car racing leagues that feed into it, such as the ARCA Menards Series.

NASCAR races are held at a variety of different venues around the country. Famous racing events are held yearly at historic racetracks and speedways like Talladega Superspeedway, Daytona International Speedway, Texas Motor Speedway, Charlotte Motor Speedway, and Martinsville Speedway.

Buying Tickets to a NASCAR Race

NASCAR tickets are available in a variety of forms. Many events have general admission tickets, VIP packages, pre-race pit passes, parking and camping passes, and full weekend packages. Prices vary depending on the race, the track, the type of ticket, and where you want to sit. But no matter what kind of ticket you need, ETC has what you’re looking for. Event Tickets Center is a resale marketplace where NASCAR fans can buy and sell tickets to a variety of motorsport events, from national championship race weekends to smaller competitions at local raceways. So, if you’re a NASCAR enthusiast in search of an up-close fan experience, pick a race on the calendar, gather the family, and pick up tickets at Event Tickets Center for the race of your choice.