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Intuit Dome - End Stage Seating Map

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Intuit Dome - Endstage GA Pit Seating Map

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Intuit Dome - Endstage POD Seating Map

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Intuit Dome - Fuerza Regida Seating Map

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Intuit Dome - Phil Wickham Seating Map

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Intuit Dome - Sebastian Maniscalco Seating Map

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Intuit Dome - Twenty One Pilots Seating Map

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Intuit Dome - Usher Seating Map

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Intuit Dome Tickets: A Guide to the NBA's Newest Arena

The Intuit Dome, the newest addition to the NBA's collection of world-renowned venues, is a state-of-the-art venue which is the new home for the Los Angeles Clippers. Tickets are now available to see The Clippers take on the rest of the NBA at this new venue in the 2024-2025 season.

With plans to build the venue presented in 2018, the Clippers have sought to have their own venue to call home since 1999 when they began sharing Staples Center (Now Arena) with the LA Lakers. The venue, owned by Murphy's Bowl LLC, eventually broke ground on September 17, 2021 and was under construction for 2.5 years, with its first event being Usher as part of his Past Present Future Tour on September 21, 2024.

Truly a one of a kind venue, it is one of the largest NBA facilities with over 915,000 square feet in field size. Featuring attributes such as an 85,000 square foot practice facility, 80,000 square feet set aside for sports medicine and team offices, and finally over 300,000 square feet for an outdoor plaza and retail, this venue isn't just a place to catch an NBA game. It's an avenue to bring the full event experience to everyone who decides to enjoy an event here.

Intuit Dome Features

As one of the newest venues in the world, it is a tough task to keep up with all the revolutionary features of modern venues. When you look at venues such as The Sphere in Las Vegas with it's unmatched event viewing experience, or nearby SoFi Stadium with its state-of-the-art environmental features, The Intuit Dome has a lot to live up to.

With a seating capacity of over 18,000, it's actually one of the smaller arenas in the NBA family. However, this leaves an opportunity to provide an unmatchable event experience for each and every patron who walks through the gates.

The Halo Board

One of the most notable parts of the venue is the Halo Board. It's a 38,375 square foot digital canvas that houses over 233 million LEDs. The greatest part about the Halo Board is that it's double sided (The largest double sided LED screen in an arena) which optimizes the sightline from every single seat in the venue

Bathrooms at Intuit Dome

Yes, The bathrooms. A seemingly mundane feature that every venue has to accommodate. But what makes this such a great benefit at the Intuit Dome, is the sheer quantity. The arena features over 1,100 toilets and urinals. This is more than 300% the average for NBA arenas. So combine that number of bathrooms with the slightly lower seating capacity and you have faster bathroom lines and less time missing out on the action!

Outdoor Plaza and Retail

The Intuit Dome will also feature over 40,000 square feet of retail and 260,000 square feet of an outdoor plaza, making the venue an opportune location not just during the event, but for pregame and postgame dinner, drinks and other activities. When the venue hosts big name events (most notably the 2026 NBA All-Star Game) there will without a doubt be events and activities hosted outside the venue in this outdoor plaza.

Intuit Dome Seating

Intuit Dome offers a number of different seating options ranging from luxurious experiences to affordable seating. Know what you get with each seating option!

Courtside Seats


  • Unbeatable views
  • VIP treatment
  • Access to gold club
  • All-inclusive food and drink
  • Private entrance
  • Inclusive players lot parking

Red Club Seating


  • All-inclusive
  • Access to your seats via floor level
  • Inclusive west garage parking
  • Private entrance

Orange Club Seats


  • Club access
  • A la carte food and beverage options
  • Private entrance
  • Full court views from the club level

Green Club Seating Seats


  • Reminiscent of a speak-easy
  • Views above the players tunnel
  • Club access
  • A la carte food and drink

Loft Seating


  • Ideal for small gatherings
  • 4-person boxes
  • All-inclusive pre-game dining and concierge service

How to Get to the Intuit Dome

Transportation to and from a venue, especially with the heightened traffic and crowds, can be tough for other venues. But Intuit Dome has thoughtfully planned this out during construction of the arena.

Public Transportation

Located directly across from SoFi Stadium at 3930 W Century Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90303, the town of Inglewood, CA has deliberately built public transportation around this location to provide easy transportation to and from Intuit Dome. The easiest method of public transportation is the Inglewood transit connector. This is a fully elevated and automated public transportation system. It is a relatively short (1.6 mile) system that will connect patrons from the Downtown Inglewood Light Rail and Bus Station to the Intuit Dome (as well as Hollywood Park Casino, SoFi Stadium, and Kia Forum.

You can also reach the arena by arriving at either the Downtown Inglewood Station or the Hawthorne/Lennox station (You can do this by either Bus or Train) and taking the SoFi Stadium Shuttle to the Intuit Dome

Uber and Parking

Intuit Dome also has a number of parking garages and parking lots designated for event goers. However, depending on the event, several of these lots will often charge a fee.

Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare services also operate to and from Intuit Dome. Although it should be noted that due to congestion (both on the roads and in the rideshare apps) find a ride via rideshare might be a difficult task

Make your Visit to Intuit Dome

Whether you are a Clipper fanatic, a casual NBA Fan, or just want to experience Inglewood's newest venue, find the perfect event and the perfect tickets for you, your friends, and your family right here at Event Tickets Center!

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Performer Date Price Tickets Available
Bruno Mars Aug 15, 2024 From $243 1,611
Bruno Mars Aug 16, 2024 From $321 1,480
Sebastian Maniscalco Aug 17, 2024 From $91 2,559
Phil Wickham Aug 22, 2024 From $65 1,231
Twenty One Pilots Aug 27, 2024 From $112 1,836
Twenty One Pilots Aug 28, 2024 From $103 2,169
Usher Sep 21, 2024 From $174 2,035
Usher Sep 22, 2024 From $115 2,696
Usher Sep 24, 2024 From $83 2,404
Usher Sep 25, 2024 From $47 2,295