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NFL Football Stadiums

NFL football is like a religion for many Americans, who crowd around the TV—or better yet, head to the stadium—to cheer on their favorite teams every week throughout the season. While watching at home can be an enviable way to while away a Sunday afternoon, nothing compares to seeing NFL teams live and in person.

There are 30 pigskin palaces scattered across the country, ranging in age from brand-new to nearly 100 years old. Green Bay’s Lambeau Field, built in 1957, holds the distinction of being the oldest continually operating NFL stadium—though it’s still considered one of the finest in the league. It’s been renovated numerous times over the years, and Packers tailgates, fueled by beer and and cheese curds, are legendary. The Las Vegas Raiders’ Allegiant Stadium, built in 2020, is familiarly known as the Death Star—which says a lot about its dark, futuristic design. The Chicago Bears’ Soldier Field was built in 1924, but it’s kept up with the times, becoming the first NFL stadium to receive LEED certification in 2012.

For many football fans, the pre-game tailgate is just as important as the NFL games themselves. Traditions vary widely from venue to venue. Surveys have found that cold-weather teams like the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears and and New England Patriots have some of the most tailgate-happy fans. In Indianapolis, Colts fans saved an old Hurst’s Beans building from demolition outside of Lucas Oli Stadium; it’s now a favorite place to gather before games. Buffalo Bills fans enjoy traditional parking lot tailgates along with massive, family-friendly tailgating parties at the stadium’s ADPRO Sports Training Center. And in Texas, Dallas Cowboys fans live up to the Lone Star State's bigger-is-better reputation by hosting elaborate tailgates at AT&T Stadium.

NFL tickets can be pricey—especially when a team is doing well or has a national following. For instance, New England Patriots tickets have been ranked as some of the most expensive in the NFL. Mercedes Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons, is also known for its higher-than-usual prices. You may be able to save by searching for NFL single game tickets pitting your team against less popular opponents. If your heart is set on a rivalry game or higher-stakes games, definitely buy early. Whenever a team is in contention for a championship, pick up your NFL tickets as soon as you can.