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No matter where you live, there is probably some kind of concert venue nearby. Music venues come in all different shapes and sizes, from small-town concert halls and auditoriums that host local bands to stadiums and amphitheaters that have booked huge musical acts like Elton John, Grateful Dead, and the Rolling Stones. Every venue is unique and has something different to offer concertgoers.

There are venues aimed at particular genres of music, like hip-hop clubs or honky-tonks. There are venues designed to accommodate orchestras playing symphonies, or outdoor venues better suited for festival jam bands. Some are geared toward the late-night crowd, while some focus on remaining family-friendly. Some venues may even be multi-purpose businesses, transforming from something completely different during the day into a venue at night. No matter what music scene you're into, there's sure to be a concert venue near you where you can see performances from your favorite artists.

The Live Concert Experience

There's nothing better than seeing your favorite band at a great venue. And the best thing about live music is that a mesmerizing performance can happen anywhere when the right ingredients come together on a particular night. The best show you've ever been to can just as easily occur at a small club in the middle of nowhere as Madison Square Garden in New York. It doesn't matter where you are when the music is good, and the vibe is right.

Small Venues

Small venues offer a more intimate concert experience – and usually a better view of the stage. Concert halls, theaters, and bars host local bands or artists on tour and typically only offer general admission or limited seating. Fans tend to be more tightly packed together and close to the performers, making you feel like part of the show. Unfortunately, limited capacity also means popular shows at smaller venues will sell out fast.

Mid-sized Venues

Mid-sized venue locations are usually more well-known, accommodate larger crowds, and attract bigger performers to their stages. These tend to be the staple venues of touring artists and can exist in big and small cities alike. Mid-sized venues offer the chance to see bigger-name line-ups take center-stage in a somewhat intimate setting, and many have state-of-the-art sound systems and acoustic design. They exist in a variety of forms, including ballrooms, auditoriums, pavilions, theaters, and art centers.

Large Venues

Large venues include some of the most world-renowned stadiums, amphitheaters, and arenas and are only played by the most well-known headliners in the entertainment industry. These venues include world-famous names like the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City, and Wembley Stadium in London. Due to their size, these large venues tend to have a wide range of ticket prices depending on where you wish to sit, and huge acts usually sell out quickly.

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