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Whatever your expectations are regarding the ideal venue for quality entertainment, there are endless options to choose from at Event Tickets Center. We have event tickets for famous concert halls, such as the Carnegie Hall, and all major sports arenas and stadiums, like Lambeau Field and Fenway Park. Plus, we have tickets available for scenic amphitheaters across the country, as well as smaller nightclubs and local venues. Simply choose a destination, city or state, or venue of choice to see the full schedule of events available at each location. Our seating charts with interactive maps make decision-making a breeze.

We have event tickets to all of the premiere theaters and concert venues, all major sports arenas and stadiums, nightclubs and scenic amphitheaters across the country. Simply choose a destination, city or state, or any particular venue of choice to see the full schedule of events and all of the entertainment options available at each location. Our seating charts with interactive maps make decision making a breeze.

Venue Information

Shows can be major productions these days and each one is unique. Even if you have been to a venue in the past, the next event could have a completely different seating layout. Our Seating Chart section has seating chart configurations for each show. Whether you’re attending a huge outdoor concert at an arena or you’re seeing an avant-garde theatre show at an underground event venue, the setting can have a major impact on your experience—and how you buy tickets. Here’s what you need to know before you go to your next event.

Super-Sized Venues

Due to high demand, some of the hottest happenings—from major music events to NFL football games—will take place in a super-sized venue such as an amphitheatre, sports arena, or stadium. Places like Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and Dos Equis Pavilion in Texas can accommodate tens of thousands of fans, yet it’s still not uncommon for popular events to sell out. If you’re picky about your seats, don’t wait to buy your venue tickets, but if you’re flexible, you may be able to snag a deal by waiting until closer to the event date. If you have your heart set on an event and you’re open to traveling to get the best price, you can also search venues by state.

Medium-Sized Venues

Mid-sized concert venues, music centers and sports venues—like an auditorium, performing arts center or small-town sports stadium—can still host sizable events, but you may see multiple shows to accommodate more popular events. Minor league ballparks and similar outdoor venues can host events ranging from sporting events to beer festivals, while indoor locations offer a more controlled environment for local concerts, theatrical events and speaking engagements. Study the venue’s seating chart before buying tickets to ensure you’ll be happy with your experience—while smaller than a concert arena, there are still plenty of seats that will leave you straining for a good view of the concert stage.

Small Venues

Smaller event and music venues—such as a concert hall, comedy club or theatre—offer a more intimate experience, and in general, a better view of the stage. That does come at a price, though: Tickets for popular shows can be pricey, and they’re likely to sell out quickly. Keep a close eye on social media activity at your local venue—or search for concert tickets or theatre tickets by city—to be in the know about upcoming events. Your local music hall or live music venue may also offer first-dibs tickets to loyal customers, so don’t be shy about asking about the best way to score venue tickets online or in-person.

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