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Theater productions have been delivering spellbinding and captivating live stage performances to audiences for years. From world-renowned Broadway musicals in Manhattan to more intimate theatre company performances at local performing arts centers, there is something for everyone. Event Tickets Center has an impressive selection of theater tickets, ranging from classic productions of timeless favorites such as Rent, to the more contemporary performances, such as Hamilton or The Price Is Right - Live Stage Show productions. Find your next event, today!

From larger productions and more sophisticated theatre company performances at premier cultural and performing arts centers, to the more intimate and often experimental Off-Broadway plays, we have tickets to the best shows at almost every theatre and performance hall across country. We are proud to offer a vast selections of theatre tickets available online. You will find all performing arts tickets here, including comedy, tragedy, ballet, opera, musicals and plays suited to anyone with an appetite for live art and entertainment. Get out and experience the magic of a live theatrical production today.

Theater Tickets Shopping Guide

Sitting in an audience and watching a live show is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives. Whether it’s a Broadway show in the Big Apple, a Disney on Ice show in your town, or Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker in L.A., finding affordable show tickets can be a bit daunting—unless, of course, you know how to look.

Understand Supply and Demand

Say you were hoping to score ballet tickets for your sweetheart, but you’ve just discovered that your preferred dates are sold out, and the best seats are already taken for the rest of the run. This isn’t uncommon. Even event tickets to older shows can prove difficult to nab, as is often the case with Phantom of the Opera tickets and Lion King tickets. When grabbing popular musical theatre tickets, for instance, it helps to know when tickets are most in-demand. For example, larger cities like Los Angeles and New York will draw huge crowds for Cirque du Soleil and Hamilton tickets, especially if the shows are limited engagement. Those shows can cost several times as much as permanent shows, but you may be able to save by buying during less popular times like matinees. You’ll also find that holding out for opera tickets or plays on Broadway in the middle of the week will greatly help in your search.

Advance is Key

It helps to have a plan in place for most things in life. If that plan is going to include buying Broadway tickets, the further out you book, the better. If you make reservations in advance and/or pay for tickets online before the trip, you’ll be better able to plan the rest of your excursion. If your plan is to head to New York for the first time, stand in line for Wicked tickets, then wander around the city, how do you know you’ll actually get those tickets? What if they sell out? Heading online allows you to plan your entire trip, tickets included, so you can save a headache later.
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