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NBA Basketball

NBA Basketball Tickets

Monster dunks. Highlight reel blocks. Buzzer beating three-pointers. NBA basketball has some of the most exciting action and dynamic athletes in all of sports. From the first preseason tip-off to the final shot of the NBA Finals, the basketball schedule showcases the biggest stars and hottest franchises ever to play the game. Historic teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers, Utah Jazz, and San Antonio Spurs battle it out each year to see who can make the NBA playoffs and bring home the championship trophy for their city. And from courtside seats to upper levels, Event Tickets Center has tickets to see all your favorite NBA players and teams.

NBA Ticket Prices

NBA tickets can cover a wide price range, from expensive courtside tickets to the lower-priced “nosebleed” sections. But no matter where you want to sit, ETC can get you to the arena. When season ticket holders and fans that purchased box office tickets can’t make it to the game, they resell their tickets on secondary marketplaces like Event Tickets Center. ETC acts as a third party to facilitate the sale of tickets online, where fans can buy and sell authentic basketball tickets to every NBA game and event.

When it comes to buying resale NBA tickets, prices tend to fluctuate right up to tip-off. Typically, the best deals can be found a day or two before game day. However, if you don’t want to risk waiting until the last minute to get your basketball tickets, you can still find great deals on ETC anytime.

Need a single-game ticket to that must-see opening matchup in the best-of-seven NBA playoff series between the Dallas Mavericks and the Portland Trailblazers? Maybe you want a group ticket to take the family to see Lebron James and Steph Curry duke it out at a Golden State Warriors-Los Angeles Lakers preseason grudge match? Or maybe you’re visiting New York and need to grab a last-minute ticket to Madison Square Garden to see the Knicks play the Pacers. No matter which game you want to go to, where you want to sit, and who you’re bringing with you, ETC has NBA tickets for every situation at a price to fit any budget.

Live Basketball Experience

Basketball is a sport that is meant to be seen live. The speed, athleticism, and skill of the players are on full display in the arena, and thousands of fans cheering on their favorite team just adds to the electric atmosphere of the live NBA experience. When you purchase a ticket to an NBA game, you are truly part of the action. Many fans gather at the arena early to show their support and ask for autographs during pregame shootarounds, and once the lights go down and players come out onto the court to start the game, the crowd is charged up. From the opening tip-off to the final buzzer, NBA basketball offers one of the best fan experiences in professional sports.

So, when you need to get to the game, check out Event Tickets Center. They’ve got tickets to all your favorite teams, from the Oklahoma City Thunder and Detroit Pistons to the Brooklyn Nets and Orlando Magic. Don’t miss out on the action this season—visit ETC for all your NBA ticket needs.