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NBA Basketball

NBA basketball is arguably one of the most exciting sports to see live, but tickets to games can disappear quickly—especially during playoffs. Even when it comes time to buy, finding the right seats can be tough. But with a little know-how, you’ll be courtside to see your favorite NBA all star in no time.

Securing a Seat

Skip the scalpers and get your tickets online right when they go on sale. Massively popular teams like the Golden State Warriors are great at updating their fans with ticket announcements through Twitter, newsletters, Facebook and Instagram, so stay tuned to those channels and sign up for ticket alerts. If you feel like chancing it, venues and online outlets will sometimes list unsold tickets at a discounted rate right before a game, but your selection will be limited to whatever’s left, and these tickets might not drop in price until as close as 30 minutes prior to the game. (And if we’re talking highly sought-after NBA Playoff tickets or NBA Finals tickets, don’t bet on this as an option.) Better to search your nearest venue by state and keep your eyes on the NBA schedule to catch your favorite NBA basketball teams.

Taking a Seat

Of course, courtside is almost always optimal for NBA matches, where you’ll be sitting at ground level, right in front of the action. But for those of us who aren’t Drake, DiCaprio or other courtside-seat frequenters and don’t want to splurge on the priciest NBA tickets in the house to catch the Los Angeles Lakers or the Cleveland Cavaliers, there are at least a few ways to get good spots for NBA games. Though it might feel intuitive to want to sit near the baskets, keep in mind that your best view of both ends of the NBA court comes from sitting center. Try to find half-court seats, and the closer you can get to the court, the better. Your goal is to catch every play, and if you’re seated in the corner or behind the basket in an end zone, that’s going to be difficult. If you happen to wind up in the nosebleeds, at least most NBA arenas offer large screens with live feeds.

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