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Musical Tickets

The theater has been home to some of the greatest performance art that humanity has to offer. Famous playwrights from William Shakespeare to Anton Chekhov to Arthur Miller used the medium of the theater to create intricate plays that have stood the test of time and captivated audiences for decades. However, in the mid-19th century, a new form of play emerged on the scene: the musical. A quintessentially American art form, the musical took influence from comic operas, vaudeville, music halls, ballet, and burlesque to create something new and exciting.

Today, musicals are popular worldwide, and new shows are written and performed every year. Critically acclaimed Broadway and Off-Broadway musicals like Hamilton, The Lion King, Chicago, The Book of Mormon, Moulin Rouge, The Music Man, A Strange Loop, and Mamma Mia offer comedy, drama, and, of course, incredible singing and musical accompaniment.

Buying Tickets to Broadway Musicals and Other Shows

With so many theaters and shows to choose from, buying musical tickets from the box office can be difficult, especially when so many shows sell out right away. That’s where Event Tickets Center comes in. ETC has resale tickets to all your favorite Broadway, Off-Broadway, touring, and local musicals and theater productions, all at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for same-day seats to a brand-new show or you want to buy tickets ahead of time for a musical production that’s coming to your city, Event Tickets Center can help. ETC is a secondary marketplace that connects musical fans with ticket resellers, allowing you to score tickets right up until the opening song starts.

So, if you’re ready for a dazzling night of musical theater, you need to get tickets to a show. Nothing beats the spectacle, delight, and joy of seeing an award-winning play or musical on the stage. Go to Event Tickets Center for all your musical ticket needs, warm up those vocal cords, and get ready to sing along with your favorite musical production.

The Joy of the Theater

Broadway is the official home of musical theater in America. The Theater District in Manhattan is home to 40 large professional theaters, including world-famous venues like St. James Theatre, Gershwin Theatre, Lyric Theatre, and Majestic Theatre. Many of the shows performed on Broadway during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s are still a massive part of musical theater today, including West Side Story, Oklahoma!, Guys and Dolls, and Hair. There’s even a special annual award ceremony to recognize excellence in Broadway theater, known as the Tony Awards.

However, you don’t have to go all the way to New York to enjoy a great musical. Many popular musicals tour the country every year, playing in theaters across the country and the world. So be sure to check out the calendar for your local theater, or check the tour dates on Event Tickets Center to find out when your favorite productions are coming to town.