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The WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment, is a massive professional wrestling entertainment company. The WWE is a worldwide phenomenon, putting on more than 300 wrestling events every year. Contrary to the competitive sport of wrestling, the WWE is a scripted, just-for-show event in which wrestlers will ‘act out’ a fight with previously practiced and choreographed moves, resulting in an exciting and wildly entertaining performance.

WWE is headed by owner and CEO Vince McMahon, who has had tremendous success in the industry. The company has effectively bought any other wrestling corporations, making the WWE the key company in the business. Previously branded as the WWF, the company had to change their name to World Wrestling Entertainment, after a legal copyright battle with the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Given the extensive international fan base, it is no surprise to see the success of WWE. Live events sell out in arenas everywhere, and pay-per-view events are purchased by the millions. They have even launched their own television network, the WWE Network, giving fans access to their signature WWE Live, Raw, and SmackDown events at any given time. Following in line with other successful sports such as the NFL and NBA, WWE has had video games modeled after the event as well as action figures. The organization is a powerhouse and a leader in the world of entertainment.

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