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Styx is a rock pop grouped from Chicago, Illinois that rose to success and fame in the 1970's, although their music remained extremely relevant in a pop cultural sense all throughout the 1980's. They were a highly prolific group in the 70’s, releasing albums one year after another, and at the height of their success, had five consecutive albums go multi-platinum, solidifying them as no doubt one of the most recognized bands of the 70’s and 80’s.

Consistently surrounding a sequence of lineup changes were original members and founders, brothers Chuck Panozzo on the bass guitar and John Panozzo on the drums. The twin brothers teamed up with now previous member Dennis DeYoung to form the band. Styx went on to be nominated for multiple awards and spent a good run of time at the top of Billboard Charts and did extremely well in regards to record sales. After breaking up, band members have gone on to pursue solo careers, and several have reunited and continued as Styx.