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NHL Hockey

Seeing players fly around the ice at break-neck speed, chasing a tiny black puck, and viciously checking each other into walls may sound odd on paper, but it’s a beloved pastime for a whole lot of hockey fans. Getting to see your favorite NHL teams on the ice isn’t difficult if you know what to do and where to look for those hockey tickets.

Be in the Know

“How many games are in an NHL season” and “when does the NHL season start” are important pieces of information for anyone looking to go to an NHL game. The answers to those questions—82 games per season and October—can help you form a plan for enjoying the ultimate NHL hockey experience.
For example, if you’re desperate for Chicago Blackhawks tickets but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg in terms of pricing, check the schedule for weeknight games, which are always cheaper than weekend games. Additionally, look at the schedule for locations. Games in warmer spots like Florida, Arizona and North Carolina are always priced less than northern spots—maybe because it’s tougher to get folks who are usually warm and comfy to come into a chilly stadium for ice hockey games. Lastly, recognize that any “rivalry” tickets are going to be more sought after—and thus more expensive—than normal games. Even a relatively low or no rivalry game can also be impacted by how well each team is doing.

Live Dangerously

If you really want the cheapest sports tickets, regardless of where you are or what you’re watching, you’re going to have to roll the dice a little. According to most insiders, waiting until the day of to buy tickets for NHL hockey games can save you more than a few bucks. Pro hockey venues want to fill as many seats as possible for upcoming matches, be they a normal season game at a small hockey rink or hockey playoffs at one of the biggest NHL arenas. Supposedly, seats are at their absolute cheapest three to five hours before a game, although even buying one week before instead of one month before sporting events—including ice hockey games—can save you anywhere from 18-20 percent. Of course, the exception to the rule is NHL tickets for the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Winter Classic. Those you’ll have to buy ahead of time.

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