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Formula 1 / Grand Prix
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Formula 1 / Grand Prix

Formula One and Grand Prix Tickets

Formula One racecars are the fastest cars in the world around a racetrack. F1 cars are single-seater cars with an open-cockpit and open-wheel construction, allowing them to achieve high cornering speeds and blistering power on the straightaways. This all adds up to some of the most exciting racing in motorsports. The Formula One season is comprised of a series of races, known as Grands Prix, that take place on circuit racetracks and closed public roads all over the world. F1 fans enjoy watching the incredible speeds of the machines, the physics-defying performances of the drivers, and the complex strategy of the competition that combines engineering, power, and precision.

Notable F1 Drivers and Grand Prix Races

Formula One Grands Prix are held in locations worldwide, and each has its own history, tradition, and unique characteristics. Races typically last two hours, and events are usually held over three days, including two free practice sessions on Friday, a morning practice session and an afternoon qualifying session on Saturday, and the actual race on Sunday afternoon or evening.

The Monaco Grand Prix is widely considered to be the most famous F1 race in the world. The race is held on a narrow course laid out in the streets of Monaco, with many elevation changes, tight corners, and a tunnel that drivers must navigate, making it one of the most demanding tracks in Formula One. Other notable races include the Singapore Grand Prix, the Italian Grand Prix, the British Grand Prix, and the Japanese Grand Prix. Only one race of the season is held in the U.S, the United States Grand Prix. Like many races hosted by different countries, it may move locations every few years to a new city. In the past, the United States Grand Prix has been held in Watkins Glen, New York, Phoenix, Arizona, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Austin, Texas. Beginning in 2022, the race will be held in Miami, Florida.

Buying F1 Grand Prix Tickets

Formula One fans who want tickets to see their favorite teams, cars, and drivers can get them at Event Tickets Center. F1 racing has a variety of different types of tickets available, from general admission to exclusive VIP packages. Spectators can also opt to purchase Sunday-only tickets or full 3-day passes. For those interested in a luxury experience, Formula One offers seats and packages that are paired with a number of premium options, including hospitality areas, behind-the-scenes access, and exclusive air-conditioned suites.

For example, F1 Paddock Club tickets offer a unique vantage point over the team garages, with a clear view of the start and finish line and into the pit lane. Paddock club ticketholders also enjoy premium access to the F1 backstage area with exclusive virtual driver interviews as well as guided tours of the track. But for fans that just want to hear the scream of the engines and witness the speed of the cars zipping along the circuit, there are plenty of grandstand seats and general admission tickets.

No matter what kind of Formula One tickets you're looking for, Event Tickets Center has them all.

History of Formula One

Formula One racing originated during the 1920s in Europe, arising out of other similar racing competitions held at the time. In 1946, the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) standardized the rules and formed the basis of modern Formula One racing. The inaugural Formula One World Drivers' championship was held in 1950, becoming the first world championship series. Since then, the sport has expanded to include ten teams and holds 22 Grands Prix each season.