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Mannheim Steamroller Christmas is more than just a musical performance; it's a complete sensory extravaganza that's sure to ignite the festive spirit in even the most Scrooge-like of individuals. The instant you step into the venue, you're transported into a magical holiday world, filled with twinkling lights, hushed anticipatory murmurs, and the enticing scent of freshly brewed hot chocolate wafting through the air.

The lights dim and the show begins. Your heart beats in sync with the introductory drum roll, building the suspense. Then, the iconic opening notes of Mannheim Steamroller's distinctive Christmas music fill the room. It's a sound that's at once familiar and new; the timeless Christmas tunes are arranged and performed with a unique contemporary flair that is the hallmark of Mannheim Steamroller.

Not only is the music enchanting, but the visuals are equally mesmerizing. The stage is a vibrant tableau of ever-changing colors, with state-of-the-art lighting effects that correspond to the rhythm and tone of the music. Adding to the spectacle are the talented musicians themselves. Their passionate performances and the evident joy they take in their craft make the experience even more captivating.

Perhaps one of the most memorable aspects of the show is the multimedia presentation. Images of snowy landscapes, cozy firesides, and scenes evocative of cherished holiday traditions are projected onto a large screen, creating a beautiful backdrop to the music and adding another layer to the storytelling element of the performance.

The finale brings a moment of collective exhilaration, met with a standing ovation that seems to echo long after the last note has been played. As you exit the venue, a sense of warmth and shared festive joy pervades the air. Attending a Mannheim Steamroller Christmas concert isn't just about enjoying beautiful music, it's about celebrating the magic and emotion of the holiday season together.

Mannheim Steamroller Christmas - Live

Get ready to embark on a musical sleigh ride through the holiday wonders of Mannheim Steamroller! Led by the talented Grammy Award winner, Chip Davis, this band has been delighting audiences with their revolutionary take on Christmas music by blending classical melodies with a modern flair, making it one of the most popular shows to see every holiday season for almost 40 years.

You’ll be taken on a musical journey that will leave your heart full of joy and warmth of the season. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to the music of Mannheim Steamroller, their Christmas show promises an unforgettable experience that celebrates the most wonderful time of the year in a truly extraordinary way, as you’ve never seen it before. Don't miss this enchanting musical display that captures the essence and spirit of Christmas to perfection, just as if you were at home with your loved ones drinking eggnog and eating cookies!

Mannheim Steamroller Christmas: What to Expect

A unique take on Christmas music

Mannheim Steamroller is known for their one-of-a-kind blend of classical music, rock, and electronic elements, creating a fresh and modern twist on beloved Christmas classics. You'll be captivated by their innovative arrangements that infuse new life into traditional holiday anthems.

Heartwarming Performances

Thinking that Mannheim Steamroller's unique approach to Christmas music might take away its warmth would be a mistake. Their talented musicians deliver brilliant performances that truly evoke the true spirit of the season. Their passion for the music and the joy of Christmas shines through in every note.

A Multi-Sensory Experience

The Mannheim Steamroller Christmas show is known for creating an immersive experience for all your senses. In addition to the music, the shows often include dazzling light displays, special effects, synchronized visuals, costumed ushers, dioramas, and even blooming poinsettias that enhance the overall performance.

Fun for Everyone

The Mannheim Steamroller Christmas show is family-friendly and perfect for audiences of all ages, thanks to its innovative take on timeless Christmas classics, its costumed characters, audiovisual experience and most importantly, a message of joy and unity that resonates with the positive feelings associated with the season. It's a fantastic way to create great memories with your loved ones.

A Beloved Tradition

After the success of the "Mannheim Steamroller Christmas" album released in 1984, Chip Davis saw an opportunity to bring his distinctive approach to Christmas music to life in a live setting. He envisioned a multimedia experience that would showcase his electronic-orchestral fusion of holiday tunes and amplify the holiday spirit. That’s how, since 1988 and for over 35 years, the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas show has been captivating audiences and becoming a holiday tradition for millions of fans worldwide. Join in the celebration and be a part of this iconic holiday experience.

FAQs about Mannheim Steamroller

Who is Mannheim Steamroller?

Mannheim Steamroller is a Grammy Award winning American band founded by composer and musician Chip Davis in 1974. In 1984, their popularity skyrocketed thanks to their unique Christmas arrangements, selling more than 31 million Christmas albums to date and making them the No. 1 Christmas music artist of all time.

Who is Chip Davis?

Chip Davis is a prolific American composer, musician and record producer. He is best known as the founder of the innovative musical group Mannheim Steamroller and the music label American Gramophone Records. Born Louis F. Davis Jr. in 1947, Chip's musical journey took an unexpected turn when he released "Fresh Aire," a blend of classical and rock music, in 1975 under the name Mannheim Steamroller, inspired by a German musical technique. This marked the beginning of a series of highly successful Fresh Aire albums, which led him to a Grammy Award in 1990 for Best New Age Album. However, it was the introduction of his groundbreaking Christmas album "Mannheim Steamroller Christmas" in 1984 that catapulted him to fame. Chip's knack for mixing genres and his fondness for multimedia experiences led to the creation of the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas show. Through his innovative musical stylings, Chip Davis has created a lasting legacy that keeps the holiday spirit alive and rocking.

What is the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas show?

The Mannheim Steamroller Christmas show is a spectacular holiday musical event featuring the band's iconic Christmas music, captivating visuals and heartwarming performances, creating a festive celebration of the most wonderful time of the year.

When and where is the Christmas Tour happening?

This perennial favorite will begin on November 14th, 2023 and will end on December 30th, 2023. This year, two traveling ensembles will hold performances in more than 80 cities across the country, making sure no one misses the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas experience.

Will the band perform all their iconic Christmas songs?

While the setlist may vary by city, you can rest easy and expect to hear a selection of their most popular Christmas interpretations, such as Silent Night, Carol of the Birds, Joy to the World, Deck The Halls, Veni Veni, among many others.

Are there any age restrictions for the show?

Generally, there are no age restrictions for the show. Both children and adults can enjoy the magical experience of the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas show. However, we recommend you to contact your local venue in order to check if they have any age restrictions for this show.

How long is the show?

The show is two hours long and it has a 15-minute intermission so you can refresh and stretch your legs.

Can I expect any merch related to the show?

Yes, many venues will offer merchandise related to the show, including souvenirs, apparel, collectibles, as well as their Christmas music catalog. Explore the available merchandise during your visit to your local venue and take home a piece of this amazing experience.

How and where to buy Mannheim Steamroller tickets?

While it may be difficult to find Mannheim Steamroller tickets, Event Tickets Center has plenty of Mannheim Steamroller tickets available starting from $54. Select your tickets using our interactive seating chart, and follow the steps in checkout. You'll be going to a Mannheim Steamroller event in no time!

How much are Mannheim Steamroller tickets?

On Event Tickets Center, Mannheim Steamroller ticket prices range from $54 up to $641 over a number of different Mannheim Steamroller events.

When do Mannheim Steamroller tickets go on sale?

Typically, Mannheim Steamroller will announce a tour 3-6 months before the first show, and tickets go on sale within a few weeks of the tour announcement.

Are Mannheim Steamroller tickets sold out?

No tickets to see Mannheim Steamroller are not sold out. While tickets to see Mannheim Steamroller may be sold out on other ticketing websites, Event Tickets Center has plenty of tickets available for you to see Mannheim Steamroller live.

Are Mannheim Steamroller tickets on sale?

Yes, Mannheim Steamroller tickets are on sale, and you can buy them right here at Event Tickets Center.

When is the next Mannheim Steamroller event?

The next Mannheim Steamroller event is on November 30, 2023 at Cerritos Center in Cerritos, CA. Event Tickets Center has 36 tickets available for this event.

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Venue Date Price Tickets Available
Cerritos Center Nov 30, 2023 From $114 36 Arena at Harrah's Cherokee Center Nov 30, 2023 From $68 502
Chumash Casino Dec 1, 2023 From $99 40
The Show - Agua Caliente Casino Dec 2, 2023 From $105 26
Belk Theatre at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center Dec 2, 2023 From $94 63
The Soraya Great Hall At The Valley's Center for the Performing Arts - CSUN Dec 3, 2023 From $120 45
Salem Civic Center Dec 3, 2023 From $54 835
The Soraya Great Hall At The Valley's Center for the Performing Arts - CSUN Dec 3, 2023 From $109 109
Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center Dec 5, 2023 From $105 216
Cross Insurance Arena Dec 5, 2023 From $68 713