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The Thunder Bay Community Auditorium is a must-visit performance arts center located in Ontario's beautiful Thunder Bay. Boasting 1,511 seats, the theater showcases big-name performers and more throughout the year. It has been an integral part of the city's culture since its opening in 1976, and with a seating capacity of 3,500, welcomes thousands of guests every year. The auditorium's proximity to Algonquin Park also enables it to host breathtaking outdoor activities in one of Ontario's most beautiful landscapes, making it one of Canada’s top theater venues.

Thunder Bay is a great place to be and offers a lot to see and do. Nature lovers can explore Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, with its observation tower providing stunning views over the city and Lake Superior. There are also a variety of wineries and craft breweries located in the area, and history buffs can take trips along the Waterfront Trail or tour Fort William Historical Park - home to Canada’s largest reconstructed fur trading center. Events in Thunder Bay come in all shapes, sizes, and genres, so no matter what type you're into, there's something for you, according to Budget & Travel magazine.

No matter what kind of event you're looking to attend, the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium has something for everyone. With its state-of-the-art features and more than 150,000 visitors annually, this performing arts center is a must-see when in Thunder Bay. Make sure you check out all that this incredible venue has to offer – you won't be disappointed.

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Performer Date Price Tickets Available
Bluey's Big Play Dec 8, 2023 From $53 159
Bluey's Big Play Dec 9, 2023 From $40 183
Bluey's Big Play Dec 9, 2023 From $55 142
Bluey's Big Play Dec 10, 2023 From $55 365
Bluey's Big Play Dec 10, 2023 From $54 317
Serena Ryder Dec 11, 2023 From $83 101
Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra Dec 16, 2023 From $72 128
Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra Jan 20, 2024 From $73 110
The Sheepdogs Jan 21, 2024 From $73 126
Banff Mountain Film Festival Jan 28, 2024 From $37 105