Wicked Reviews: What the Critics Have to Say

Adam Young | May 25, 2017
What people are saying bout Wicked.
Wicked has become a mainstay in the weekly Broadway top 5 list, maintaining a reputation of excellence long after its 2003 debut. In fact, this week it topped number one — for the second week in a row. So, what’s all the fuss about? Here’s what some of the nation’s critics have to say about the long-running theatrical performance that’s causing fans to buy so many tickets. (Hint: The show is anything but boring, which certainly helps.)

Wicked Reviews

Tampa Bay Times: “This year’s touring stage extravaganza fumes with thigh-high fog, glitters like 10 tons of costume jewelry and screeches with prehistoric monkeys. Welcome to Oz, as envisioned by Wicked, a Broadway musical that sometimes looks like a halftime at the Super Bowl.”

Broadway World: “There is a tendency with a long running tour for the show to run down. This is not the case with Wicked. The ensemble sounds as tight as ever and Wayne Cilento’s choreography still packs a wallop. “One Short Day” is a prime example.”

Northeast Public Radio: “Wicked is one of those Broadway musicals that lives up to its hype. It’s a big, flashy show that tells an intriguing and clever story. It doesn’t have a score filled with commercial hits, but there are several individual numbers – like “Popular” and “Defying Gravity” that bore worm holes in your brain and will stay there for days.”

Rochester City Newspaper: “When a musical becomes as popular as “Wicked” has become, it’s important audiences have a consistent experience. The national tour of “Wicked,” overall, is one that remains true to its Broadway roots, even from hundreds of miles away. This is the beauty of touring productions: when the shows are good, they make wonderful stories and experiences possible for those who may not otherwise have the opportunity.”

The Top 10

If there’s one thing Wicked reviews have in common, it’s there really is a reason Wicked continues to be a fan favorite — even after all these years.

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