RFK Stadium - Washington, DC

RFK Stadium is located in Washington D.C., and has been quite popular for many years. In fact, since opening for business in 1961 this venue has played hosted to thousands of events. This includes everything from many different sporting events, concerts, special shows, and much more. Although most people refer to this venue as RFK Stadium, the formal name is actually Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium. Some people also refer to this venue as simply "RFK."

At this time the Washington Nationals of the MLB and the D.C. United of the MLS are the only teams playing its home games at RFK Stadium. The Nationals started playing here in 2005, and are going to be moving out sometime in 2008. The United started using RFK Stadium in 1996.

But to go along with the Nationals and United, many other professional sports teams have called RFK Stadium home over the years. They include the Washington Redskins of the NFL, the Washington Senators, and the Washington Diplomats among many others.

There have been many great moments that have taken place at RFK Stadium over the years. The Grateful Dead performed at this stadium in 1973 in front of more than 100,000 fans. Many people feel that this is the best concert that they ever put on.

Even though RFK Stadium is not nearly as popular as it once was, it still has a lot to offer fans and teams alike. Anybody who ever has the chance to see an event at RFK Stadium should take advantage. The fan experience is like none other, and after one visit you will be looking for a way to go back as soon as possible.
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2400 E Capitol St, Washington, DC
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District of Columbia Stadium
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