Martinsville Speedway - Ridgeway, VA

Martinsville Speedway is located in Martinsville, Virginia, and hosts many NASCAR events year in and year out. While most people do not think of Martinsville Speedway as one of the more popular venues in the country, locals and die hard NASCAR fans hold it in very high regard.

Martinsville Speedway offers a rich history, as it has been hosting races since 1947. In fact, this venue was one of the first paved NASCAR superspeedways. This went a long way in taking the sport of race car driving to the next level.

The capacity of Martinsville Speedway is approximately 65,000. This is nowhere near the largest in the country, but it does offer a great fan experience

All in all, Martinsville Speedway has a lot to offer. In addition to the many great NASCAR races that take place each year, a rich history combined with great fan experiences make it a top notch venue. If you ever have the chance to take in a race at Martinsville Speedway you should go for it. You will not be disappointed with the experience!

Useful Event Info
Venue Address:
340 Speedway Rd, Ridgeway, VA
History & Traditions:
Date/Year Built/Opened:
Track Shape:
Lap Record:
0:18.746 Greg Sacks
"Half Mile Of Mayhem"

"The Paperclip"

"The Augusta National of Race Tracks"

Track Length:
0.526 miles (0.847 km)