New Brunswick Concerts

New Brunswick Concerts

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New Brunswick Concerts


New Brunswick is a province that embraces the power of music and hosts a variety of concert events throughout the year. From intimate venues to outdoor festivals, there is something for every music lover in New Brunswick. With a vibrant music scene and a rich cultural heritage, the province offers a diverse range of concerts and live performances that cater to different tastes and genres.

Music Festivals

New Brunswick is home to several music festivals that attract both local and national artists. These festivals provide an immersive experience where attendees can enjoy live music in a dynamic outdoor setting. Some of the notable music festivals in New Brunswick include:

Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival

Held in Fredericton, the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival is a celebration of jazz, blues, and other genres of music. The festival features performances by renowned artists from around the world, creating a vibrant atmosphere for music enthusiasts.

Area 506 Festival

Taking place in Saint John, the Area 506 Festival showcases local talent and celebrates the diverse music culture of New Brunswick. The festival offers a mix of genres, including rock, pop, folk, and more, providing a platform for both established and emerging artists.

Concert Venues

New Brunswick is home to numerous concert venues that host performances by local, national, and international artists. These venues provide intimate settings where music enthusiasts can enjoy live performances up close. Some of the notable concert venues in New Brunswick include:

The Playhouse

Located in Fredericton, The Playhouse is a renowned performing arts center that hosts a wide range of musical acts, including classical, jazz, and contemporary performances. The venue's elegant ambiance and exceptional acoustics create a captivating concert experience.

Capitol Theatre

Situated in Moncton, the Capitol Theatre is a historic venue that showcases a variety of music genres, from rock and pop to classical and folk. The venue's grandeur and architectural beauty add a touch of sophistication to any concert experience.

Local Music Scene

New Brunswick has a thriving local music scene that showcases the talent of homegrown artists. Numerous bars, clubs, and smaller venues throughout the province regularly host live music performances by local musicians. These intimate settings provide an opportunity to discover emerging artists and enjoy a more personal music experience.


Whether you're attending a vibrant music festival, experiencing a live performance at a renowned concert venue, or discovering local talent in an intimate setting, New Brunswick offers a diverse and exciting concert scene. Immerse yourself in the province's rich musical heritage, embrace the unique atmosphere of each venue, and let the captivating sounds of live music transport you in the beautiful province of New Brunswick.