Rhode Island Concerts

Rhode Island Concerts

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Rhode Island Concerts


Rhode Island is a state that cherishes the power of music and offers a vibrant concert scene for music enthusiasts. From intimate venues to outdoor festivals, Rhode Island provides a diverse range of concert events that cater to various musical tastes. With a rich musical heritage and a thriving arts culture, the state offers a dynamic and exciting live music experience for all.

Music Venues

Rhode Island is home to a multitude of music venues that showcase live performances by local and international artists. These venues provide intimate settings and exceptional acoustics, creating a memorable concert experience. Some notable music venues in Rhode Island include:


Located in Providence, AS220 is a renowned arts center that features live music performances across various genres, including indie, rock, folk, and experimental. The venue's intimate atmosphere and focus on local talent make it a hub for the vibrant music scene in Rhode Island.

The Strand Ballroom and Theatre

Situated in Providence, The Strand Ballroom and Theatre is a historic venue that hosts a diverse range of concerts and performances. From contemporary artists to legendary bands, The Strand offers a captivating concert experience in a grand setting.

Outdoor Concerts and Festivals

Rhode Island embraces the beauty of its natural landscapes by hosting outdoor concerts and music festivals. These events provide an opportunity to enjoy live music in scenic settings and showcase a variety of genres. Some notable outdoor concerts and festivals in Rhode Island include:

Newport Jazz Festival

Held in Newport, the Newport Jazz Festival is one of the most prestigious jazz festivals in the world. It attracts acclaimed jazz musicians and enthusiasts from around the globe, offering a captivating musical experience by the waterfront.

WaterFire Providence

While not solely a music festival, WaterFire Providence combines mesmerizing fire displays with live music performances along the Providence River. The event showcases a diverse range of musical genres and provides a unique sensory experience for attendees.

Local Music Scene

Rhode Island boasts a vibrant local music scene that celebrates homegrown talent. Numerous bars, clubs, and smaller venues throughout the state regularly host live music performances by local musicians. These intimate settings create a close connection between artists and audiences, allowing music lovers to discover emerging talents and experience the authenticity of the local music scene.


Rhode Island's concert scene is a testament to the state's love for music and the arts. Whether you're attending a live performance at one of the state's iconic music venues, enjoying an outdoor concert against the backdrop of Rhode Island's natural beauty, or immersing yourself in the local music scene, the state offers a diverse and captivating live music experience. So, come and embrace the rhythm, immerse yourself in the melodies, and let the music take you on a memorable journey in the beautiful state of Rhode Island.