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Clowes Memorial Hall is located on the campus of Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Even though this university is not as large as some others in the state, it does not stop Clowes Memorial Hall from attracting and hosting a wide variety of events on a regular basis.

The nicest feature of Indiana's Clowes Memorial Hall is the fact that it is capable of hosting many different events. This includes music, theatre, dance, family friendly shows, and much more. No matter what your passion, it is safe to say that a show will stop by Clowes Memorial Hall sooner or later that you want to see.

Since 1963, Clowes Memorial Hall has been hosting events. With a rich history on the campus of a beautiful university, it is easy to see why Clowes Memorial Hall has become a point of interest to locals and tourists alike.

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Date Opened:

October 18, 1963

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Performer Date Price Tickets Available
Indianapolis Symphonic Choir Dec 13, 2023 From $72 351
American Girl Live Dec 14, 2023 From $63 551
Abbey Road - Tribute to The Beatles Dec 16, 2023 From $93 351
That Girl Lay Lay Dec 17, 2023 From $87 549
A Charlie Brown Christmas Dec 21, 2023 From $66 392
Doktor Kaboom! Jan 18, 2024 From $41 532
Mark Normand Jan 20, 2024 From $64 835
To Kill A Mockingbird Jan 23, 2024 From $72 540
To Kill A Mockingbird Jan 24, 2024 From $72 652
To Kill A Mockingbird Jan 25, 2024 From $90 417