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Kick Up Your Cowboy Boots and See Country Music Live This Summer!

Victoria Guerra | April 29, 2024
Crowd at a Country Music Concert

Kick Up Your Cowboy Boots and See Country Music Live This Summer!

In recent years, country music has experienced a renaissance unlike anything seen before. Once considered a niche genre, it is now capturing the hearts of a younger audience and gaining widespread popularity. This revival can be attributed to a fresh wave of talented artists bringing a modern twist to the classic sounds of country. The authentic Americana genre has a new generation of stars, and they’re not just filling arenas—they’re also getting fans to turn concerts into full-blown events! Taking a cue from last summer’s big stadium concerts like Beyoncé’s “Renaissance World Tour” and Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour,” country fans are now stopping by Pinterest for outfit inspiration for concerts. True to form, they’re gearing up with cowboy hats, boots, and lots of denim to get their twang on! Country music is reclaiming its place in the spotlight, with the likes of Zach Bryan, Morgan Wallen, Kane Brown, Lainey Wilson, and Megan Moroney leading the charge.

The New Faces of Country Music

The current wave of country music owes much to a group of young, dynamic artists reshaping the genre’s image and sound. They grew up with their heart in the right place, listening to the modern greats (Carly Pearce is even touring with Tim McGraw right now), but they’re not afraid to dabble in other genres to mix things up and create their own sound. Here are some of our favorite rising country stars currently on tour!

Morgan Wallen: The Country Star with the Heart of a Rocker

Morgan Wallen, may no longer have a signature mullet but his soul-stirring voice, has swiftly climbed the ranks of country music fame, resonating deeply with fans of the genre. With his blend of classic country charm and modern rock influences, Wallen keeps showcasing a sound that cannot be replicated elsewhere. From the heartfelt sincerity of "Whiskey Glasses" to the catchy rhythms of "Chasin' You" and the introspective melody of "More Than My Hometown," his tracks are stories that capture the essence of everyday life. Morgan is currently touring, with dates in some of the most important venues in America, including MetLife Stadium. Fans can catch him live with tickets averaging $242. Get ready to experience the electric energy of Morgan Wallen live! Secure your tickets now and join the party.

Zach Bryan’s Emotional Strummin’

Zach Bryan has captured the hearts of country music fans with his rustic authenticity. A true troubadour—as showcased in his already-iconic Red Rocks live album—his songs are both earnest and evocative, echoing through the backroads and busy city streets. Hits like "Heading South" and "Condemned" showcase his knack for storytelling that tugs at the heartstrings, while "Something in the Orange" reveals the poetic depth of his songwriting; undoubtedly, Bryan shares pieces of his soul with each track. His shows are a must-see, with average ticket prices at $185. Join Zach Bryan as he brings his soul-stirring melodies to a stage near you. Book your tickets now for a night of heartfelt country tunes.

Kane Brown’s Shaken Up Country Music

Kane Brown brings a fresh face and a new vibe to the country music scene, blending traditional twangs with contemporary beats. His rise to stardom is marked by chart-toppers that have dominated airwaves and broken genre boundaries. From the heartfelt anthem "Heaven" to the catchy beat of "What Ifs" and the moving narrative of "Homesick," Kane’s songs showcase his unique ability to meld country soul with urban sounds. Kane Brown isn’t just a performer; he’s a modern country sensation, reshaping the contours of country music for a new generation. He’s currently stopping at some major arenas for his ​​”In The Air Tour,” including the Kia Center, and his accessible price point at an average of $45 in select cities makes his concerts especially popular among younger fans. Experience the magic of Kane Brown live in concert! Get your tickets now and prepare for an evening of great music and even greater vibes.

Megan Moroney’s Boots, Beats, and Southern Charm

Megan Moroney rocketed to fame with her chart-topping hit "Tennessee Orange," a song that blends college football fervor with unexpected romance. Her tracks "I'm Not Pretty" and "Girl in the Mirror" also blend relatability and raw emotion, making her a standout star in cowboy boots. Encapsulating themes of love, life, and self-discovery, her sound is characterized by a warm, inviting vocal tone, underscored by smooth guitar strums and an occasional pop-infused melody. After captivating audiences with her velvety vocals, she’s on her way to entrancing stadiums like Commanders Field. Ticket prices for her show an average of around $50. Catch the sensational Megan Moroney live in concert! Buy your tickets now and experience the thrill of new country music talent.

Lainey Wilson’s Bell-Bottoms and Relatable Themes

Step into the groove with Lainey Wilson , the bell-bottom-wearing, award-winning songstress who’s putting a fresh spin on country music. Blending country tradition and modern sass, Lainey has quickly become a voice for the fearless and the fun-loving. Her hits like "Things A Man Oughta Know" and "Dirty Looks" have not only climbed the charts but have also etched her name in the hearts of young country music fans, take a trip to Nashville to see her live in the new Ascend Amplitheatre or Nissan Stadium during CMA Fest . Tickets average at $93. Join Lainey Wilson for a night of powerful country anthems and heartfelt lyrics. Buy your tickets now and be swept away by her unforgettable performance!

Experience the Event Beyond the Music

Attending a country music concert today is more than just about the music; it’s about the experience. Fans dress up in their country best and make each concert a festive, communal event where people gather round for an evening of shared love of the genre. These new artists are enriching our beloved genre of country music to fun and new places. Be part of the journey as these future country legends take the stage. Don't miss the chance to catch these talented newcomers live in action: head over to Event Tickets Center to secure your tickets!

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