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The Ultimate Concert Guide

Candice Ouellette | March 15, 2023
ETC's Ultimate Concert Guide

Seeing your favorite artist live is one of (if not the most) exciting things a music fan can do. It's important to know the ins and outs of attending a live show ahead of time so that you can make the most of your experience, so we're diving into some common questions and tips and tricks to make sure your prepared. Whether you're looking for concerts tonight or general upcoming concerts, Event Tickets Center is here to make sure you're ready before you rock out.

Different kinds of concerts

There's a seemingly endless amount of kinds of concerts one can attend. From outdoor festivals to indoor holiday specials, there is a concert for every kind of music lover. Some concerts have a role to play when it comes to promos, whether it be for an up-and-coming artist to showcase their talents, or a wildly popular, household name ready to perform their brand new album and boost those sales.

Some artists look to promote a spectacle with lasers, lights, screens, pyrotechnics, and elaborate props are sure to get the crowd excited and spread the word about how awesome an experience it is to see them live. Sometimes there are artist residency concerts. Many Las Vegas concerts fall into this category, where an artist performs on set days in one venue for an extended period of time.

What to wear to a concert

When it comes to picking out concert outfits, comfort is key. General best practice is to stick to something loose fitting that is easy to move around in. Your options will vary depending on what kind of concert/event it is. Make sure to verify with the venue ahead of time if there are any restrictions or dress codes, and pay attention to cues from the artists themselves as well (for example, attending an opera or symphony concert may require more formal attire). It's also important to pay attention to weather forecasts, especially if it's an outdoor concert. Dress for the weather, and be sure to bring layers so your prepared for anything that may come your way - be it rain or chilly AC from the venue.

What to wear to a country concert

If you're looking for country concert oufit ideas, there's plenty of fun pieces you can put together to complete a look that's both concert ready and country-friendly. When it comes to dressing for a country concert, you can't go wrong with good old blue jeans. Denim is comfortable and goes with anything, from a tried and true band shirt, to flowy flowery tops for women, or flannels for both. And what goes better with jeans than a pair of trusty cowboy or cowgirl boots and a hat? When dressing for a country concert, the overall look and feel most attendees aim for is fun and casual.

How long are concerts

Concerts last about 2 hours long on average. Concert length really depends on a number of factors, though, and varies not only artist to artist, but also genre to genre. Concert lenght also depends on how many bands or artists are scheduled to performn, with each set lasting an average of 45-mins to an hour, with about 15 to 30 minutes between bands.

What to bring to a concert - concert etiquette

Wondering what can you bring to a concert? Make sure you don't forget to bring the most important thing with you - the concert tickets! Most tickets these days are scanned on your phone, so if you don't have physical tickets to bring, make sure you have your phone with you, charged and ready to go. As we previously mentioned, it's always a good idea to make sure you have a sweater or light jacket with you, too.

Make sure you have your ID and wallet on you, whether your looking for some snacks and drinks or you're ready to hit the merch booth, it's important to be ready with everything you need. When it comes to anything else, make sure you refer to the venue's website for things you can or can't bring in - the venue should have a security section on their website and a list of prohibited items so you can be prepared ahead of time.

We hope ETC's Ultimate concert guide has left you feeling prepared and ready to hit the concert hall! From tips and tricks, to your tickets in, ETC is your one-stop shop for all things concerts. Chicago concerts, concerts in Houston, concerts in Denver, and everywhere inbetween - we have the tickets you need to create memories that last a life time.

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