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How to Plan a Memorable Corporate Outing

Adam M. Young | October 25, 2017
Ways to plan a memorable corporate outing.
The idea of a corporate outing as a team-building exercise has evolved with the changing face of the workplace. Few of today’s workers want to go to a resort or an empty summer camp in the woods and work on leadership and team building through trust falls and three-legged races. Here are some ideas for group activities that will bring the modern team together.

Create Your Version of Iron Chef

Re-create a competitive cooking show atmosphere at a rented catering kitchen, community center, or church with kitchen facilities. Break up into teams — the cooking enthusiasts will rise to the occasion and put the non-cooking people on sous-chef duty, chopping onions or peeling potatoes. Have a fun but accessible mystery ingredient or two, and be sure to make the boss the emcee.

Plan Your Escape

While at first it might sound like an odd idea for a good time, participating in “escape rooms” is all the rage, for everything from bachelorette parties to corporate outings. This group experience is built on the premise of “trapping” several people in a room until they can solve a sequence of puzzles or riddles, and crack the code to escape within a time limit. (Special themes make it silly, scary or hilarious — whichever strikes your fancy.) It’s a great way to work on communication and problem-solving skills. You can find an escape room location nearby, or even do a little online research and build your own in the office.

Play Laser Tag

Look for a laser tag party center in your area, or buy the supplies and set the game up in the office. Get competitive by hunting one another down in a laser tag obstacle course without the mess that comes with other options like paintball.


You can instill a feeling of corporate citizenship and philanthropy by having teams volunteer in the community. From helping build houses for people who need them with Habitat for Humanity to feeding the hungry at the local shelter to cleaning up trash on the side of the road, the options are endless. Several services are available online to match your company with volunteer opportunities in your area.

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

A lot of people live in places with interesting activities for tourists, but they’ve never taken the opportunity to become a tourist in their own home. Visit local landmarks and historic sites, tour the residences of famous historical figures or try a quirky option in your town, such as a ghost tour of local cemeteries.

Attend a Sporting Event

This is a classic corporate outing, and for good reason. In a large group, everyone can have a good time regardless of whether they’re a fan of the local team, or even of the sport. They’ll be surrounded by coworkers, making it a social event outside the office. Don’t live in a major sports city? No problem. There are minor league teams all over the country, and their fan experiences and promotions can be a lot more fun than the big-league games.

If you’re in charge of organizing an outing for the team, get everyone involved. Take a poll. Brainstorm different ideas. Fun and interesting outings can help create a happier and more productive workplace.
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