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Date Night Concert Tips

Adam M. Young | March 6, 2023
Best ways to plan a date night.
How long has it been since you and your significant other have gone to a concert together? If you’ve got work or family responsibilities, planning a night out at your local concert venue isn’t as easy as it used to be. But breaks from your daily work and home life can be rejuvenating, and there’s nothing like an evening of music to help recharge your batteries (and reignite some romance). Here are a few tips to find the time and make the most of your night out.

Plan the Timing Wisely

Do you have kids who are still too young to be left on their own? Make sure you book a trustworthy sitter well in advance. Do you have a standing meeting at work on Thursday mornings? Maybe Wednesday nights aren’t the best for a concert date. The more you plan around your responsibilities, the more you can relax and forget about them at the show.

Carefully Choose the Music

As much fun as it can be to take in a performance by a band you’ve never seen before, a long-awaited date night might not be the best time to try something new. Look for favorites that both you and your date enjoy — even if the performance is months out. After all, this is meant to be a fun evening, and seeing a band whose songs you love, or who may have even played a role in your relationship, is a guaranteed good time.

Select the Venue

Choose a concert venue you’ve heard good things about — perhaps one with a restaurant where you can grab dinner first. Or, return to one that holds some special memories for the two of you. The more familiar and happy you are with your surroundings, the more likely you are to have a great date night.

Arrange Your Ride

Make sure you’re clear on the parking options before you leave to avoid driving around in circles and missing the opening act. Nothing puts a damper on a date like bickering about being late. If you want to skip the parking altogether or you plan to enjoy a few adult beverages, arrange for alternative transportation, like a ride-share or taxi.

Make a Night of It

While the concert itself is the headliner of the evening, you can make your date night complete with an opening act as well as an encore. Have dinner or drinks before the show — it will allow time for you and your companion to chat, which won’t be easy to do while you’re listening to live music. Find a place outside of the concert venue so you can avoid the crowds and inflated prices. End the night with a moonlit stroll or a nightcap to reflect on the high notes of the evening.

Look for tickets now, and get your romantic, music-filled date on the books.
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