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About U.S. Bank Stadium

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. Bank Stadium is a stadium that first opened its doors in 2016. Currently, it’s under the ownership of The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority.

U.S. Bank Stadium Seating

U.S. Bank Stadium has a total capacity of 66,860. However, this number can vary for events with unique venue configurations. Also known as The Ship and The Vault, it is an enclosed venue with an artificial turf playing surface.

Teams and Events at U.S. Bank Stadium

U.S. Bank Stadium is the home to the Minnesota Vikings (NFL) and the Minnesota Golden Gophers Baseball (NCAA Baseball). The venue serves as the stage for football, soccer, concert and baseball events, along with the ability to host many other functions.

Getting into U.S. Bank Stadium

Want to ensure a smooth entry to U.S. Bank Stadium? We've got you covered! From security to accessibility, we've compiled all the info you need for a hassle-free arrival.

Security at U.S. Bank Stadium

Security at U.S. Bank Stadium is taken very seriously. All guests are required to go through security checks before entering the venue. Typically, security checkpoints tend to get longer as you get closer to the start time of the event. We recommend planning ahead so you don’t miss anything. Please note that U.S. Bank Stadium has a strict bag policy.

U.S. Bank Stadium Bag Policy & Prohibited Items

The venue highly recommends that fans refrain from bringing bags to the game. In cases where bringing a bag is necessary, the venue permits the following bags: Clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bags that do not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”. One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags (e.g., Ziploc bags). Small clutch bags measuring 4.5" x 6.5" with or without a handle or strap, which can be brought into the stadium in addition to one of the clear bag options. Exceptions for medical bags will be considered on a case-to-case basis.

What to Bring to U.S. Bank Stadium

When you come to an event at U.S. Bank Stadium, please make sure to bring your ticket and a valid ID, especially if you want to purchase alcohol. We recommend bringing a credit or debit card and also a little cash. Because this is an indoor venue, weather is often not a factor. However, as it is climate-controlled, it might be worth bringing a light jacket just in case it gets a little chilly inside.

Is U.S. Bank Stadium ADA Accessible?

U.S. Bank Stadium is committed to providing a comfortable experience for all guests. Assistive listening is available, and so is sensory accessibility. The venue is ADA compliant, too. Typically, U.S. Bank Stadium has special seating and preferred entry gates for these patrons. Be sure to check the policy for your specific event for more information.

U.S. Bank Stadium Experience

Your experience at U.S. Bank Stadium extends beyond the event itself. Discover delicious food and drinks, convenient transportation options, and more to create an unforgettable memory.

Food and Beverage at U.S. Bank Stadium

U.S. Bank Stadium offers a tempting selection of food and drinks. From refreshing non-alcoholic beverages to drinks like beer, hard seltzer, mixed drinks, wine and liquor, and an assortment of food and snacks, you'll be sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds.

Payment Methods Accepted at U.S. Bank Stadium

U.S. Bank Stadium primarily operates on a cashless basis. This implies that while some vendors may still accept cash, most onsite purchases are done with digital wallets or debit and credit cards. Although U.S. Bank Stadium accepts most credit cards (such as Visa and Mastercard), it is prudent to carry a small amount of cash for tipping and for the few vendors that might accept it inside and outside the venue.

Are There Phone Charging Stations at U.S. Bank Stadium?

Yes, U.S. Bank Stadium is equipped with phone charging stations throughout. They are usually located in the concourse. However, it’s important to note that these charging stations may require a small fee, so we suggest fully charging your device before arriving at the venue.

Is There Wi-Fi Available?

Indeed, the venue provides Wi-Fi access. We suggest connecting to the Wi-Fi network immediately upon arrival, as cellular service can sometimes be unreliable.

How to Get to U.S. Bank Stadium

U.S. Bank Stadium is located at 401 Chicago Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55415. We've got you covered with all the options to get there, from public transportation to convenient rideshares.

U.S. Bank Stadium Parking Details

U.S. Bank Stadium has plenty of parking options nearby. Many event-goers will utilize onsite parking, while others will use nearby public parking. Parking prices can range depending on where you decide to park and may even be free for some events. We have outlined some of the closest parking options for U.S. Bank Stadium visitors. They are 346 Norm McGrew Pl Parking, Interstate Parking, QB Lot 1015 S 3rd St Parking and Parking 815 S 6th St Parking.

How Early Should I Get to U.S. Bank Stadium?

Arrival times may vary depending on the event, but we recommend arriving at the venue about an hour before the scheduled start time. This gives you some breathing room in case of traffic congestion, parking difficulties, visits to the merchandise store, or if you want to grab some food and drinks before the event starts.

If you plan on tailgating, we recommend getting to U.S. Bank Stadium even earlier, so you can enjoy the full pregame experience!

Can You Tailgate at U.S. Bank Stadium?

U.S. Bank Stadium permits tailgating. However, the regulations concerning open flames, grills, and open containers can differ depending on local laws. Specific events may also have different rules, so reviewing the venue's particular guidelines is always wise when planning your tailgate. Remember that the goal is to create an enjoyable and safe environment for all event attendees.

Rideshare Drop-off and Pickup Location

At U.S. Bank Stadium, there are specific pick-up locations for rideshare users. You’ll find the designated pick-up spots at 10th Avenue South between 6th Street South and 7th Street South . Using rideshare to attend an event is a great option because it eliminates the stress of finding parking, which can often be scarce and expensive. Additionally, ridesharing promotes safety by providing reliable transportation if you plan on drinking alcohol during your visit.

Closest Bus Stop to U.S. Bank Stadium

For a budget-friendly option, the nearest bus stop is located at 6th St S & Park Ave / Chicago Ave S (Minneapolis, MN 55415, USA). This bus station is located 0.2 mi from the venue.

Closest Train Stop to U.S. Bank Stadium

You can find the nearest train/metro station at Target Field Station (Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA). This station is located 1.6 mi from the venue. One of the biggest benefits of taking the train is that it is rarely late, and you never have to deal with unforeseen traffic or parking issues.

U.S. Bank Stadium Surrounding Area

A stone’s throw away from U.S. Bank Stadium, a variety of restaurants await, serving everything from local specialties to global dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for a fast snack before the event or a gourmet meal, there’s a choice for every taste. The vicinity also features a selection of hotels, providing a handy option for guests from out of town. With everything from high-end lodgings to economical choices, there’s a suitable resting place for every traveler.

Nearby Restaurants to U.S. Bank Stadium

U.S. Bank Stadium is surrounded by great restaurants and bars ready for any pre-event or post-event activities. Here are the top rated bars and/or restaurants close to the venue: Polaris Club, Medtronic Club, Sukup Club and Little Six Casino's Club Gold.

U.S. Bank Stadium - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Welcome to the land of 10,000 Skol Chants

U.S. Bank Stadium, located in Downtown Minneapolis, is the new home of the Minnesota Vikings where a sea of deafening Skol chants can be heard every time the Vikes host a game. Seating 66,860 people (expandable to 73,000), it is the fourth newest stadium in the NFL and one of the most modern in the United States due to its standout architectural features like the colossal transparent roof that bathes the stadium's interior in natural light, creating a stunning and inviting atmosphere for fans and visitors alike, enhancing the fan experience even more.

This remarkable venue has hosted numerous significant events, including Super Bowl LII, the 2018 X Games, international soccer friendlies, and the 2019 NCAA Men's Final Four, which currently holds the record for the highest-attended event in the stadium, with 72,711 fans.

What is the history of U.S. Bank Stadium?

The aging Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, the Viking’s home stadium for 20 years, was no longer deemed a good venue to host NFL games after a foot and a half of snow collapsed its roof in 2010. So, in 2012, after approval from the Minnesota Legislature and Minneapolis City Council of a $1.061 billion budget ($348 million from the state of Minnesota, $150 million from the city of Minneapolis, and $551 million from the team as well as private contributions), a new stadium project was put into place. In 2013, the stadium's striking design was unveiled, a collaborative effort involving the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, the Minnesota Vikings, and HKS Sports and Entertainment, and construction began in 2014. Remarkably, it was completed in just over two and a half years, six weeks ahead of schedule, involving 3.8 million work hours and creating over 8,000 construction jobs.

The stadium officially opened in July 2016, and since then, it has held the name of U.S. Bank Stadium due to a naming rights agreement of $220 million over 25 years with the Minnesota-based bank.

U.S. Bank Stadium Design

U.S. Bank Stadium is a stunning example of innovative and sustainable design that reflects the culture, climate, and context of Minneapolis. The stadium was designed by HKS, Inc., a global architecture firm that specializes in sports and entertainment venues.

The stadium has a distinctive shape that resembles a Viking ship, inspired by the ice formations on the nearby St. Anthony’s Falls and the Scandinavian heritage of the region. The stadium has a fixed roof made of a transparent material called ETFE, which allows natural light to enter and creates a feeling of being outdoors. The roof also has a large opening over the field that can be closed in case of bad weather. The roof is designed to shed snow and store solar heat, reducing energy consumption and costs.

It also features one of the largest pivoting glass doors in the world, which measures 55 feet wide and 95 feet high. The doors can be opened or closed in five minutes to create different atmospheres inside the stadium. The doors are part of the Legacy Gate, a sculpture that resembles a Viking sail and is surrounded by bricks with the names of fans who supported the construction of the stadium. The Legacy Gate is located outside the west entrance of the stadium and serves as a gathering place for fans before and after games.

Memorable Sports Moments at U.S. Bank Stadium

Even though it’s the fourth-newest stadium in the NFL, it has hosted some sporting events that delivered memorable moments, such as:

  • Super Bowl LII: On February 4, 2018, U.S. Bank Stadium hosted Super Bowl LII, where the Philadelphia Eagles faced the New England Patriots. It was a high-scoring game, with both teams amassing a record-breaking 1,151 yards of offense. The Eagles secured their first Super Bowl victory with a 41–33 win, highlighted by a memorable "Philly Special" trick play, in which quarterback Nick Foles caught a pass from tight end Trey Burton on fourth-and-goal. The Eagles stopped the Patriots on their final drive, with defensive end Brandon Graham forcing a fumble on quarterback Tom Brady.
  • NCAA Men's Final Four: U.S. Bank Stadium welcomed the NCAA Division I Men's basketball tournament's Final Four from April 6–8, 2019. The semifinals saw Virginia narrowly defeat Auburn 63–62 on a dramatic free throw finish, while Texas Tech bested Michigan State 61–51. The championship game showcased a defensive showdown, with Virginia emerging victorious in overtime, clinching their first national title with an 85–77 win. De'Andre Hunter's outstanding performance earned him the Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four.

Memorable Musical Moments at U.S. Bank Stadium

U.S. Bank Stadium is not only a great venue for sports but also for music. The stadium has hosted some of the biggest musical events in recent years, featuring some of the biggest names in the industry.

Here are some examples of the concerts that have taken place at U.S. Bank Stadium:

Amenities at U.S. Bank Stadium

The stadium offers a variety of amenities and services to enhance the fan experience, such as high-definition video boards, Wi-Fi access, premium seating, and delicious food options. The stadium also has the largest collection of contemporary art in any NFL stadium, with over 500 artworks by 34 artists, most of whom are from Minnesota. The artworks reflect the culture and history of the state and the region.

In terms of seating, U.S. Bank Stadium has many options to accommodate everyone’s budget:

  • Club Seats: Premium seats with access to exclusive club areas like Delta Sky360 Club, Medtronic Club, Polaris Club, and 200 Level Club. Features upscale amenities, wider and more comfortable seats, and excellent views.
  • Club Purple: Unique premium seating with lounge boxes, cabanas, and bar stools. All seats have access to the Truss Bar area with buffet-style food, a full-service bar, and great views.
  • Lumen Lodge: Exclusive seating above section 223 with only 75 seats. Offers a private entrance, lounge, full-service bar, buffet-style food, padded seats, and a stunning view.
  • Lower Level Sideline: Closest seats to the field, behind team benches, with excellent views. Close to club entrances.
  • Lower Level Corner: Affordable seats with good views from stadium corners. West endzone sections have a social atmosphere, while east endzone sections offer better views of the videoboard and skyline.
  • Lower Level Endzone: Cheapest seats on the lower level, close to scoring plays. West endzone sections have access to the Bud Light Beer Garden, and east endzone sections have The Commons with games and activities.

Pro Shops at U.S. Bank Stadium

The Vikings Team Store is located right next to the ticket office at the stadium. It sells a variety of Vikings merchandise and gear, such as jerseys, hats, shirts, sweatshirts, memorabilia, and more. It is open from Thursday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, and on Sunday from noon to 5 pm. On Vikings game days, it can only be accessed from inside the stadium with a ticket.

Stadium Tours at U.S. Bank Stadium

Tours are a great way to explore a stadium. At U.S. Bank Stadium, you can choose from different types of tours, such as the Ultimate Touchdown Tour, the Public Tour, the Group Tour, or the Educational Tour.

Each tour will give you exclusive access to various parts of the stadium, such as the locker room, the suites, the field, and more. You can also learn about the history, design, and features of the stadium from a knowledgeable guide. Prices range depending on the type of tour. Visit the venue’s website for prices and more information on tours.

Vikings Hall of Fame at U.S. Bank Stadium

The Vikings Hall of Fame honors the legendary players and coaches who have made significant contributions to the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings Hall of Fame is located in the stadium premises and you can visit it as part of a stadium tour or during special events.

Some of the Vikings Hall of Fame members include:

  • Bud Grant was the head coach who led the Vikings to four Super Bowl appearances and 11 division titles. He is also a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Canadian Football League Hall of Fame. He was celebrated at U.S. Bank Stadium in 2021 for his life and achievements.
  • Cris Carter is a former wide receiver who played for the Vikings from 1990 to 2001. He holds the franchise records for most receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns. He is also a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the NFL 1990s All-Decade Team.
  • Carl Eller was the defensive end of the famous Purple People Eaters defensive line. He played for the Vikings from 1964 to 1978 and was a six-time Pro Bowler and a five-time First-Team All-Pro. He is also a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the NFL 1970s All-Decade Team.

Accessibility at U.S. Bank Stadium

The stadium has many features and services that cater to the needs of individuals with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), like accessible seating, assisted listening devices, captioning and description for guests who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or visually impaired, interpreting services, ramps, elevators and wheelchair assistance. For detailed information visit our FAQs below.

Concessions at U.S. Bank Stadium: The Food of Vikings

The concessions are located throughout the stadium’s main and upper concourses. There are 32 concession stands, 67 portable stations, and six bars on the main and upper concourses. The six premium clubs throughout the stadium offer exclusive food and beverage options for club seatholders.

All these concessions are aimed at creating a world-class food and beverage experience. The menu reflects the local community’s great tastes and flavors while highlighting Minnesota’s distinctive culture and cuisine.

Some of the dishes you can find at the stadium are a mix of stadium classics and Minnesota signature dishes, such as:

  • Bratchos: A dish of nachos topped with bratwurst, cheese sauce, sour cream, and green onions. You can find them in sections 101 and 348.
  • Cheese Curds: A classic Minnesota delicacy, deep-fried cheese curds are best served with ranch dressing. You can find them in sections 114, 129, 143, 310 and 339.
  • Hot Tots: A spicy version of tater tots with jalapeños, cheese sauce, and sriracha. You can find them in section 111.
  • Waffles: A sweet treat of Belgian waffles with whipped cream, berries, Nutella, or maple syrup. You can find them in section 132
  • Original Hockey Mom Brownies: This local bakery features its namesake brownies with toppings like caramel, nuts, and chocolate chips. You can grab them in sections 111 and 360.

Beer prices range between $9.75 to $11.25, and they can be found all around the stadium concession stands. If you’re feeling like having a beer or a cocktail, please visit sections 105, 110, 113, 114, 122, 130, 301, 311, 314, 317, 326, 341, Polaris 106, Polaris 112, Medtonic 130, and Medtonic 131.

What’s new at U.S. Bank Stadium in 2023?

There are no renovations planned for this 2023 season, however, there are plans to change the turf surface for the 2024 season, as well as $280 million in maintenance over the next decade.

Getting to/from U.S. Bank Stadium

There are several ways to get to and from U.S. Bank Stadium, depending on your preference and budget. Here are some options:

  • Driving: If you prefer traveling by car, you have the option to drive to the stadium and park in designated lots or ramps. Please note that a season-long parking pass is required for this option, as single-game passes are not available.
  • Public Transit: For a more eco-friendly approach, you can utilize the METRO Blue or Green line light rail, which will take you directly to the U.S. Bank Stadium Station. This station is conveniently located just steps away from the venue's entrance. Light rail tickets can be purchased online or through the Metro Transit app. Alternatively, you can take a bus from various locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul and connect to the light rail or walk to the stadium. Some of the bus routes servicing the stadium area include 5, 7, 9, 14, and 221.
  • Biking: If you're a cycling enthusiast, riding your bike to the stadium is an option. The venue provides free bicycle racks on-site for your convenience. Additionally, all buses and trains are equipped with free bicycle racks, allowing you to seamlessly combine biking with public transit for your journey.
  • Rideshare: Those preferring the convenience of rideshare services such as Lyft or Uber can utilize them for transportation to and from the stadium. Designated drop-off and pick-up zones near the venue ensure a hassle-free experience.
  • Walking: If you're in the downtown Minneapolis area or nearby, walking to the stadium is a viable option. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the city's skyway system, which offers climate-controlled walkways connecting various buildings and providing a comfortable walking route to the stadium.

As previously mentioned, parking in the stadium is only available if you have a season-long parking pass. However, you can find more than 20,000 parking spaces within a convenient 20-minute stroll, stretching from the stadium to Hennepin Avenue and you can connect to the stadium via the Skyway.

Tailgating at U.S. Bank Stadium

Tailgating is the best way to enjoy the game day atmosphere prior to kickoff. At U.S. Bank Stadium, tailgating is encouraged and it is only allowed in designated parking lots and ramps. Here are some things you should know about before tailgating at the stadium:

  • You need to purchase a season-long parking pass to tailgate in the authorized lots. Single-game passes are not available.
  • You can enter the tailgating lots five hours prior to kick-off on Sunday games, and on weekday games, you can enter three hours prior to kick-off. You must end your tailgating three hours after the game or at midnight if it’s a night game.
  • You are renting one space only and the 6 feet directly behind your parking stall. You must not obstruct adjacent parking spaces and drive aisles.
  • You can use propane grills, portable generators, tents, and awnings (maximum size: 8’x8’), and consume alcoholic beverages (by persons of legal drinking age) in the tailgating lots. You must supervise your grills and generators at all times and dispose of your trash in the provided bins.
  • You are not allowed to have open fires, charcoal grills, kegs, glass containers, pets, weapons, large furniture items, promotional or marketing activities, sale of products, deep fryers, or overnight parking in the tailgating lots.

Unique Traditions at U.S. Bank Stadium

When the Minnesota Vikings play in the stadium, there are some unique traditions that reflect the team’s cultural background and history of the region due to its Nordic heritage. Here are some of them:

  • The Gjallarhorn: a large horn is blown before every Vikings home game to signal the start of the battle on the gridiron. It is inspired by Norse mythology, where the Gjallarhorn was used to announce the arrival of the gods. The horn is mounted on a platform that resembles a Viking ship and is located near the west entrance of the stadium. Since 2017, a select few have been tapped to sound the horn – a veritable list of champions, local heroes, and sports figures.
  • The Skol Chant: a rhythmic clapping and chanting of the word “Skol”, which means “cheers” or “good health” in the Scandinavian language, is performed by the fans, players, and staff after every Vikings score and victory.
  • The Viking War Drum: a giant drum is beaten by a celebrity or a former player before each home game to pump up the crowd. The drum is made of wood and metal and has the Vikings logo on it. It is located on the field near the south end zone.
  • Viktor the Viking: Viktor the Viking is the official mascot of the Vikings. After several failed attempts at developing an official team-owned mascot, the Vikings finally introduced Viktor the Viking during the 2007 Vikings season.

FAQs about US Bank Stadium

Who plays at US Bank Stadium?

The Minnesota Vikings are the home team at the US Bank Stadium.

Where is the Minnesota Vikings Sideline at US Bank Stadium?

The Minnesota Vikings home bench is located in front of Field Club 2, Field Club 3, and Field Club 4 and the away team bench is in front of Vikings Club 1, Vikings Club 2, Vikings Club 3, Vikings Club 4, and Vikings Club 5.

What is U.S. Bank Stadium?

The stadium is a multi-purpose enclosed stadium in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. It notably hosts the Minnesota Vikings, who represent the National Football League and play in the Northern Division.

Where is U.S. Bank Stadium located?

The stadium is located at 401 Chicago Avenue in the heart of Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

When did U.S. Bank Stadium open?

The stadium opened its doors on July 22, 2016.

What teams play at U.S. Bank Stadium?

The main tenants of the stadium are the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League (NFL).

What is the capacity of U.S. Bank Stadium?

The capacity of the stadium depends on the type of event that is being hosted. For most games, the stadium can seat 66,860 people, but it can be expanded to 73,000 for special events like championship games, concerts, as well as soccer games. The record attendance of the stadium is 72,711 and it was for the 2019 NCAA Men's Final Four National semifinals.

What was the first game and outcome at U.S. Bank Stadium?

The first game ever played at the stadium was a soccer match between A.C. Milan and Chelsea on August 3, 2016, as part of the 2016 International Champions Cup. The game ended in a 3-1 victory for Chelsea. The first football game at the stadium was a pre-season game between the Minnesota Vikings and the San Diego Chargers on August 28, 2016. The Vikings won 23-10, with Teddy Bridgewater throwing for 161 yards and a touchdown.

Why is the stadium named U.S. Bank Stadium?

The stadium is named U.S. Bank Stadium because U.S. Bank, a bank corporation headquartered in Minneapolis, acquired the naming rights to the stadium in 2015. The naming deal was worth $220 million over 25 years.

What are the nicknames for U.S. Bank Stadium?

The stadium does not have any popular nicknames. Some people have called it “The Ship”, but the name never caught on.

What is the most expensive ticket ever sold for a game at U.S. Bank Stadium?

The most expensive ticket ever sold for a game at the stadium was for the Super Bowl LII on February 4, 2018, between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. The average resale price for a ticket to the game was $5,373, and the highest price paid for a single ticket was $21,000.

Is tailgating allowed at U.S. Bank Stadium?

Tailgating is permitted only in the designated parking areas and ramps for Vikings games. For other events, please ask the parking lot operator if they allow you to tailgate.

What are the accessibility options at U.S. Bank Stadium?

There is a wide range of services available for people with disabilities at the stadium such as an adult changing table, alternative format materials, assisted listening devices, captioning and description, accessible concession stands, accessible drop off/pick-up areas, elevators, escalators, first aid, accessible guest services, interpreting services, power-assisted doors, ramps, restrooms, service animals, ticket information, accessibility-friendly tours, wheelchair assistance, and wheelchair and companion seating.

What items are prohibited inside U.S. Bank Stadium?

The following items are not permitted to be carried into the stadium: Any bag larger than 12” x 6” x 12”, hard-sided containers or coolers, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs (i.e. Lululemon), cinch bags, luggage of any kind, computer bags, camera bags, and large traditional seat cushions that have pockets*. Additionally, glass, cans, aluminum bottles, or thermoses of any kind, laser pens/pointers, video cameras or mono/tripods (no spectator cameras with lenses over six inches long will be permitted), laptop computers, umbrellas, firearms, knives, or weapons of any kind, illegal drugs or substances, alcoholic beverages, signs, banners, or flags on poles, staffs, or selfie sticks, televisions, animals (except service animals to aid persons with disabilities), air horns, whistles, cowbells, or other distracting noisemakers, any devices that may interfere with and/or distract any sports or event participant, other guests, audio or audio/visual telecast or recording of the game or event, or any technology-related service provided in the stadium, projectiles (i.e.: Frisbees, beach balls, footballs, etc.), aerosol cans (i.e.: mace, pepper spray, hairspray, etc.), fireworks, confetti, or glitter, obscene or indecent clothing, balloons, use of wheeled footwear, skateboards, hoverboards, and Segways, strollers, and outside food and beverage.

Small umbrellas that can be folded and placed under the seat will be permitted. Exceptions will be made for those with medical requirements and/or special needs.

Please note that this list can change depending on the event you’re attending, please visit visit the venue’s website for more information.

What is the bag policy at U.S. Bank Stadium?

The venue highly recommends that fans refrain from bringing bags to the game. In cases where bringing a bag is necessary, the venue permits the following bags:

  • Clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bags that do not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”.
  • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags (e.g., Ziploc bags).
  • Small clutch bags measuring 4.5" x 6.5" with or without a handle or strap, which can be brought into the stadium in addition to one of the clear bag options.

Exceptions for medical bags will be considered on a case-to-case basis.

Where are the pick-up/drop-off zones at U.S. Bank Stadium?

There are several pick-up/drop-off areas depending on your mode of transportation or needs:

  • The dedicated drop-off area for guests with disabilities is on 10th Avenue S. between 6th Street South. and 7th Street South.
  • The taxi pick-up/queue area is located on Park Avenue South between 5th Street South and 6th Street South.
  • The shuttle bus pick-up/drop-off areas are on 9th Avenue South between 6th Street South and 7th Street South, as well as on 3rd Street between Park Avenue and Portland Avenue.
  • The limo drop-off/pick-up area is on 10th Ave South.

Is rideshare offered at U.S. Bank Stadium?

The venue is partnered with Uber and Lyft and there are rideshare pick-up/drop-off areas on 9th Avenue South between 6th Street South and 7th Street South.

When do the gates open at U.S. Bank Stadium?

The doors will open two hours before NFL kickoffs, while the opening times for other special events and concerts may vary depending on the specific event. Parking lots open six hours prior to events and will close two hours after the event ends.

Is U.S. Bank Stadium cashless?

Yes, all of the payments in the stadium are cashless and fans must bring their debit or credit cards to make any purchases in the venue.

Are there phone charging stations at U.S. Bank Stadium?

Charging stations are strategically placed throughout the stadium, allowing attendees to replenish the power of their mobile devices and maintain connectivity.

Does U.S. Bank Stadium have Wi-Fi?

Yes, the stadium offers free Wi-Fi to all its guests.

Where can I get tickets for an event at U.S. Bank Stadium?

Head to Vikings territory after getting your tickets right here at Event Tickets Center!

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Performer Date Price Tickets Available
Chris Stapleton Apr 6, 2024 From $87 3,929
Kenny Chesney May 4, 2024 From $77 9,301
Morgan Wallen Jun 20, 2024 From $198 3,898
Morgan Wallen Jun 21, 2024 From $178 5,628
Metallica Aug 16, 2024 From $130 4,751
Metallica Aug 16, 2024 From $93 3,777
Metallica Aug 18, 2024 From $87 4,460
Zach Bryan Aug 24, 2024 From $317 828
Minnesota Vikings Sep 7, 2024 From $3,359 42