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About Lucas Oil Stadium

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Lucas Oil Stadium is a stadium that first opened its doors in 2008. Currently, it’s under the ownership of the Indiana Stadium and Convention Building Authority (State of Indiana).

Lucas Oil Stadium Seating

Lucas Oil Stadium has a total capacity of 70,000. However, this number can vary for events with unique venue configurations. Also known as The Luke and The House that Peyton Built, it is a retractable roof venue with an artificial turf playing surface.

Before the venue was named Lucas Oil Stadium, it was also known as RCA Dome and The Hoosier Dome.

Teams and Events at Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium is the home to the Indianapolis Colts (NFL) and the Indy Eleven (USL Championship). The venue serves as the stage for basketball, football and soccer events, along with the ability to host many other functions.

Getting into Lucas Oil Stadium

Want to ensure a smooth entry to Lucas Oil Stadium? We've got you covered! From security to accessibility, we've compiled all the info you need for a hassle-free arrival.

Security at Lucas Oil Stadium

Security at Lucas Oil Stadium is taken very seriously. All guests are required to go through security checks before entering the venue. Typically, security checkpoints tend to get longer as you get closer to the start time of the event. We recommend planning ahead so you don’t miss anything. Please note that Lucas Oil Stadium has a strict bag policy.

Lucas Oil Stadium Bag Policy & Prohibited Items

Lucas Oil Stadium has a clear bag policy for all Indianapolis Colts events and other events determined by the promoter. Fans can carry one clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bag no larger than 12" x 6" x 12" or a one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag. Fans may also carry a small clutch bag or purse approximately the size of a hand. Fans without bags or purses are encouraged to use the "EXPRESS LANES" security lines to enter Lucas Oil Stadium.

What to Bring to Lucas Oil Stadium

When you come to an event at Lucas Oil Stadium, make sure to bring your ticket and a valid ID, especially if you intend to purchase alcohol. We recommend bringing a credit or debit card and also some cash. Because this is a venue with a retractable roof, it can get a little cold during the winter months (and sometimes year round) if the roof is not closed. So, we recommend checking the weather report and to consider bringing extra layers and maybe even a blanket. Plus, it might be worth it to carry a rain jacket or poncho just in case the weather changes.

Is Lucas Oil Stadium ADA Accessible?

Lucas Oil Stadium is committed to providing a comfortable experience for all guests. Assistive listening is available, and so is sensory accessibility. The venue is ADA compliant, too. Typically, Lucas Oil Stadium has special seating and preferred entry gates for these patrons. Be sure to check the policy for your specific event for more information.

Lucas Oil Stadium Experience

Your experience at Lucas Oil Stadium extends beyond the event itself. Discover delicious food and drinks, convenient transportation options, and more to create an unforgettable memory.

Food and Beverage at Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium offers a tempting selection of food and drinks. From refreshing non-alcoholic beverages to drinks like mixed drinks, beer and hard seltzer, and an assortment of food and snacks, you'll be sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds.

Payment Methods Accepted at Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium primarily operates on a cashless basis. This implies that while some vendors may still accept cash, most onsite purchases are done with digital wallets or debit and credit cards. Although Lucas Oil Stadium accepts most credit cards (such as Visa and Mastercard), it is prudent to carry a small amount of cash for tipping and for the few vendors that might accept it inside and outside the venue.

Are There Phone Charging Stations at Lucas Oil Stadium?

Yes, Lucas Oil Stadium is equipped with phone charging stations throughout. They are usually located in the concourse. However, it’s important to note that these charging stations may require a small fee, so we suggest fully charging your device before arriving at the venue.

Is There Wi-Fi Available?

Indeed, the venue provides Wi-Fi access. We suggest connecting to the Wi-Fi network immediately upon arrival, as cellular service can sometimes be unreliable.

How to Get to Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium is located at 500 South Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46225. We've got you covered with all the options to get there, from public transportation to convenient rideshares.

Lucas Oil Stadium Parking Details

Lucas Oil Stadium has plenty of parking options nearby. Many event-goers will utilize onsite parking, while others will use nearby public parking. Parking prices can range depending on where you decide to park and may even be free for some events. We have outlined some of the closest parking options for Lucas Oil Stadium visitors. They are Lucas Oil Stadium South Lot, Red Garter Parking, Private Parking Garage, Rolls-Royce Parking Garage and 359 S Illinois St Parking.

How Early Should I Get to Lucas Oil Stadium?

Arrival times may vary depending on the event, but we recommend arriving at the venue about an hour before the scheduled start time. This gives you some breathing room in case of traffic congestion, parking difficulties, visits to the merchandise store, or if you want to grab some food and drinks before the event starts.

If you plan on tailgating, we recommend getting to Lucas Oil Stadium even earlier, so you can enjoy the full pregame experience!

Can You Tailgate at Lucas Oil Stadium?

Lucas Oil Stadium permits tailgating. However, the regulations concerning open flames, grills, and open containers can differ depending on local laws. Specific events may also have different rules, so reviewing the venue's particular guidelines is always wise when planning your tailgate. Remember that the goal is to create an enjoyable and safe environment for all event attendees.

Rideshare Drop-off and Pickup Location

At Lucas Oil Stadium, there are specific pick-up locations for rideshare users. You’ll find the designated pick-up spots at the northbound side of Illinois Street. This dedicated rideshare pickup and drop-off area is just a short walk from the stadium. To request a rideshare, guests must exit the stadium and walk towards Illinois Street. Guests cannot request a ride until they are outside the geofenced perimeter. Using rideshare to attend an event is a great option because it eliminates the stress of finding parking, which can often be scarce and expensive. Additionally, ridesharing promotes safety by providing reliable transportation if you plan on drinking alcohol during your visit.

Closest Bus Stop to Lucas Oil Stadium

For a budget-friendly option, the nearest bus stop is located at Indianapolis, IN 46225, USA. This bus station is located 2.1 mi from the venue.

Closest Train Stop to Lucas Oil Stadium

You can find the nearest train/metro station at 350 South Illinois Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225, USA. This station is located 0.3 mi from the venue. One of the biggest benefits of taking the train is that it is rarely late, and you never have to deal with unforeseen traffic or parking issues.

The House that Peyton Built

Nestled in the heart of Indianapolis, Lucas Oil Stadium stands on a 12-acre plot as one of the most recognizable arenas in the city. From athletic competitions to live performances, this versatile venue has become a big part of Indianapolis and its community. "The House that Peyton Built" is a testament to the legendary QB Peyton Manning, who transformed a city.

Lucas Oil Stadium boasts a substantial seating capacity, accommodating more than 70,000 guests. Its retractable roof offers adaptability when the weather wants to be the main character. By focusing on this stadium, you'll see how the Lucas Oil Stadium reflects the city's essence. This stadium has a personality in a balanced blend of modern commodities and local architectural elements and was designed to blend in with the surrounding cityscape.

It appears to have this old-school factory vibe from the outside, but once you step inside, you'll realize it's one of the best venues for massive events. It draws major events like Final Fours, the annual NFL Combine, and sold-out Taylor Swift concerts.

The stadium hosts an array of amenities within its brick and glass exterior, including 139 suites, two club lounges, two exhibit halls, and 12 meeting rooms. The venue has dynamic features, such as 360-degree ribbon boards, towering 53-foot (16 m) tall HD video boards, and a state-of-the-art retractable roof. In addition, a massive “window wall” peers out onto the city, whether the roof is open or closed.

Let's explore an iconic venue, a place for historic NFL clashes and legendary concerts, but a setting that will be remembered for witnessing magic unfold on a football field as Peyton "The Sheriff" Manning played for a city waiting 22 years to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

What is the history of the Lucas Oil Stadium?

The construction of Lucas Oil Stadium marked a pivotal chapter in Indianapolis' pursuit of modern sports infrastructure. Built to fulfill the needs of the city’s sports and entertainment landscape, Indianapolis envisioned a venue that would not only host sports events, concerts, entertainment, conventions, and more but be an icon that would elevate its profile with a world-class platform for virtually any type of event imaginable. It replaced the RCA Dome, which was demolished as part of the Indiana Convention Center’s expansion. Today, Lucas Oil is located just one block south of the site of the RCA Dome, which was recognizable for its white, puffy fiberglass roof.

The realization of this project was the result of a multi-organization effort. A huge collaboration between the private and public sectors, as financial support from the state of Indiana, played a key role. The city of Indianapolis and the Colts were integral in constructing the arena, a collaboration needed to secure the $720 million that the stadium cost to build.

About the name of the stadium, the Colts were looking for a long-term partner, and that's when Lucas Oil, a manufacturer and distributor of automotive oil, additives, and lubricants, came with a huge offer that couldn't be refused, a $122 million agreement for the next 20 years.

Opened on August 16, 2008, after three years of development, the Colts played their first game – a preseason affair – against the Buffalo Bills in a 20-7 loss. Their first home game was a Super Bowl XLI rematch against the Chicago Bears – ending in a 29-13 loss.

The first-ever game at Lucas Oil featured local Indiana high school football teams as part of the PeyBack Classic.

Lucas Oil Stadium Unique Design

Lucas Oil Stadium is characterized by a design that seamlessly combines modern aesthetics with practical functionality. One of its most recognizable architectural elements is the retractable roof, a feat of engineering that accommodates various events, irrespective of weather conditions. This adaptable feature ensures year-round events. The roof is the first of its kind and can open or close in less than 11 minutes. It's composed of two panels, each weighing 2.5 million pounds (1,100,000 kg), that measure approximately 160 feet (east–west) by 600 feet (north-south).

With an impressive seating capacity of around 67,000 for football games, Lucas Oil Stadium can be expanded to host over 70,000 guests for events like basketball games and major conventions.

The field itself is an engineering masterpiece. It's expansive, measuring 93,900 square feet, and situated 25 feet beneath the street level, providing ample space for athletic showdowns, performances, conventions, and other events.

Lucas Oil Stadium takes luxury to new heights with 139 suites, including 8 Field Suites just 10 feet from the playing field. The Quarterback Suite, accommodating up to 200 guests, offers a premium view from the upper suite level. The Press Box is a game, media, and stadium operations hub. Complemented by its array of video boards, including two main video boards and auxiliary screens, the stadium provides an immersive experience for fans and media alike.

Beyond its physical structure, Lucas Oil Stadium effortlessly integrates with the city's infrastructure. Attendees can access nearly 135,000 square feet of event space when seats are retracted, and an underground pedestrian connector leads to the Indiana Convention Center. This link extends further, connecting to Circle Centre Mall and providing access to over 4,700 downtown hotel rooms. In its entirety, Lucas Oil Stadium stands as a beacon of innovation, offering versatility in the heart of a major Midwestern metropolis that lives and breathes basketball and cherishes its Colts.

Unique offerings of Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium has some unique offerings you can enjoy while visiting; here are some of them!

  • The stadium has guided tours, an immersive 60-minute experience that unravels the RCA’s history, and a glimpse of areas typically off-limits during events and gamedays, including the field, press box, and an NFL locker room.
  • If you want a more personalized experience, opt for a private tour led by a knowledgeable guide. These tours can be tailored to group preferences and schedules – a unique experience!
  • The best way to pregame is with beer, activities, and surrounded by fans, and that's exactly what you will find in the Colts Touchdown Town, the best pregame party for fans of all ages. Enjoy live entertainment, radio shows, giveaways, and play zones. The entrances are on South Street's East and west sides, steps away from the arena.
  • More than just a stadium, "The Luke '' is an events center where you can host private events. Whether you need field level, exhibit halls, meeting rooms, the Lucas Oil Plaza, club lounges, terraces, or suites, this place has it.

Retired numbers and players at Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil features eight retired numbers in honor of the greatest players in Indianapolis Colts history:

  • No. 19: Johnny Unitas, Quarterback – 1956-1972
  • No. 22: Buddy Young, Halfback – 1953-1959
  • No. 24: Lenny Moore, Halfback – 1957-1967
  • No. 70: Art Donovan, Defensive tackle –1953-1961
  • No. 77: Jim Parker, Offensive tackle – 1957-1967
  • No. 82: Raymond Berry, Wide receiver – 1955-1967
  • No. 89: Gino Marchetti, Defensive end – 1953-1964, 1966
  • No. 18: Peyton Manning, Quarterback – 1998-2011

What's New at Lucas Oil Stadium in 2023?

Although the stadium won’t have any substantial upgrades or renovations as we head into a new NFL season, the facility saw $22 million invested in minor improvements last year. These improvements brought higher-definition video boards to the northeast and southeast corners of the stadium, along with an upgrade to the sound system, new carpet, and a designated area in the locker room for female employees and personnel.

What amenities and food options are new at Lucas Oil Stadium in 2023?

The Colts announced some additions to an already extensive food catalog. Jon Wanland, the stadium’s Executive Chef, enhanced the menu to support and feature local producers and small businesses. The culinary focus is on barbecue and Midwestern staples.

Here’s a list of the new items that you’ll be able to find inside the stadium concessions:

  • BBQ Brisket Nachos
  • BBQ Brisket Sandwich
  • BBQ Loaded Beef Hot Dog
  • BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos
  • Cantina Nachos
  • Cantina Rice Bowl
  • Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich
  • Chili and Cheese Beef Hot Dog
  • Loaded Footlong Hot Dog
  • Loaded Hamburger

These new additions will try to take over the hearts of Colts fans, who already have their favorite dishes. Here are the most liked:

  • BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
  • Beef Hot Dog
  • Bratwurst
  • Cheeseburger Basket
  • Chicken Strip Basket
  • French Fries
  • Hot Box Pizza (Pepperoni, Sausage, Cheese)
  • Jumbo Colts Forged Hot Dog
  • Lays Potato Chips
  • Pepperoni & Cheese Snack
  • Pizza Rolls
  • Value Meal (Hot Dog, Popcorn, Soda)

If you’re a drinks kind of person, Lucas Oil Stadium has you covered, specialty cocktails that can be found in various sections of the arena. Check them out here:

  • Colts Rita, ready to drink margarita with Patron Silver
  • Whiskey smash, ready to drink mojito with Crown Royal
  • Whiskey sour, ready to drink margarita with Crown Royal
  • Blue Mule, ready to drink mule with vodka

You’ll also be able to find other types of beverages, from non-alcoholic drinks, beer (canned, craft and gluten-free), seltzers, coffee, hot chocolate, and fizzy drinks.

Memorable moments at Lucas Oil Stadium

During its 15 years of existence, Lucas Oil Stadium has witnessed some unique NFL moments that are still being talked about to this date. Also, it has hosted many memorable matches of other sports and huge concerts; let's take a closer look.

2008: Lucas Oil Stadium officially opened with a Week 3 preseason game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Buffalo Bills. The Colts lost 20-7 as the Bills ruined the party, but this marked the beginning of a new era for the Colts in their state-of-the-art home.

2012: Super Bowl XLVI was hosted at Lucas Oil Stadium, where the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots 21-17. The game featured a thrilling fourth-quarter comeback and the famous "Helmet Catch" in the game's final minutes. Wide receiver David Tyree made a leaping catch from a 32-yard pass by Eli Manning by pressing the ball with his helmet. This gave the Giants a needed push as they scored the winning game touchdown as the game ended. It was an epic day that's still remembered by football fans around the globe.

2013: Peyton Manning returned to Indianapolis as a member of the Denver Broncos. The emotional reunion between Manning and the city where he spent most of his career was significant. Manning is an icon of the city, engraving his name in its history – one of the best Quarterbacks to play and arguably the greatest Colts player of all time. He deserved to be welcomed that way.

2008-Current: The stadium has welcomed major musical acts, with the first on September 13, 2008, by Kenny Chesney. Since then, the arena has hosted huge music industry names, such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Madonna, Guns n’ Roses, Mötley Crew, U2, and One Direction, among other artists. This highlights the stadium's versatility; hosting this magnitude of events has put Indianapolis on the map event-wise as a hub for live performances.

Lucas Oil Stadium also hosts several annual events, mostly sports-related, but the arena's facilities have shown that they can do everything that the local and regional government throws at them.

Bands of America Grand National Championships and Indianapolis Super Regionals

These are prestigious marching band competitions that bring together high school bands nationwide to showcase their musical and visual talents. Lucas Oil Stadium's spacious field and state-of-the-art facilities provide an ideal stage for these musical showdowns.

Big Ten Football Championship Game

An annual football game that determines the champion of the Big Ten Conference. Lucas Oil Stadium is the neutral site for this exciting matchup, attracting college football fans to witness top teams battling for conference bracing rights.

Circle City Classic

A beloved tradition celebrating historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) through football games, parades, and cultural events. Lucas Oil Stadium hosts the football game, fostering community spirit and supporting educational initiatives, showing a clear sign of the stadium's intent to be an asset for local growth in every aspect.

Drum Corps International World Championships

A gathering of top drum and bugle corps from around the world, showcasing their musical and visual performances. Lucas Oil Stadium's acoustics and expansive field create the perfect setting for these entertaining competitions.

FDIC International (Firefighting Convention)

An annual event for firefighting professionals, offering training, networking, and showcasing the latest equipment and technologies. Lucas Oil Stadium provides a spacious venue for hands-on training and exhibits and the ideal facilities to organize a convention of this size.

IHSAA Indiana State Football Championships

The culmination of Indiana high school football season, featuring championship games across different divisions. Lucas Oil Stadium provides a grand stage for young athletes to compete and showcase their talent on a professional field in the heart of Indianapolis.

ISSMA Band State Finals

The Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) hosts band competitions where high school bands demonstrate their musical prowess.

Monster Energy Supercross and Monster Jam

These adrenaline-packed events feature extreme motorsports action, from dirt bike racing to monster truck exhibitions. Lucas Oil Stadium's adaptable layout and vast space cater to these shows' intense stunts and excitement.

NFL Draft Combine

An essential event for NFL teams to evaluate college prospects through physical and mental tests, and what better place to do it than Lucas Oil Stadium? With a world-class field, locker rooms, and media facilities.

National FFA Convention

A gathering of Future Farmers of America (FFA) members focusing on leadership, career development, and agricultural education. The arena's size is perfect for this type of event.

Big Ten Football Championship Game

Lucas Oil Stadium has annually hosted the Big Ten Football Championship Game, bringing together top Big Ten teams to compete for the conference championship and potential spots in prestigious bowl games, an event you can't miss if you're a football fan.

Indy Eleven

Lucas Oil Stadium has served as the home venue for the Indy Eleven, a professional soccer team competing in the USL Championship, the second division of professional soccer in the US.

FAQs about Lucas Oil Stadium

Where is the Indianapolis Colts Sideline at Lucas Oil Stadium?

The Indianapolis Colts home bench is located in front of Section 139, Section 140, and Section 141 and the away team bench is in front of Section 112, Section 113, and Section 114.

Where is the Indy Eleven Sideline at Lucas Oil Stadium?

The Indy Eleven home bench is located in front of Section 139, Section 140, and Section 141 and the away team bench is in front of Section 112, Section 113, and Section 114.

What is Lucas Oil Stadium?

Lucas Oil Stadium is a multi-purpose sports and entertainment venue in Indianapolis, Indiana. It serves as the home stadium for the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL.

What is the address of Lucas Oil Stadium?

The address of Lucas Oil Stadium is 500 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225, United States.

When was Lucas Oil Stadium built?

Construction of Lucas Oil Stadium began in 2006, and it officially opened in 2008. It replaced the Colts' previous home, the RCA Dome.

Does Lucas Oil Stadium have a retractable roof?

Yes, Lucas Oil Stadium has a retractable roof that can be opened or closed depending on weather conditions.

What is the playing surface at Lucas Oil Stadium?

The playing surface at Lucas Oil Stadium is a synthetic FieldTurf surface.

What is the seating capacity of Lucas Oil Stadium?

The seating capacity for football games at Lucas Oil Stadium is approximately 63,000. It can be expanded to accommodate other events such as basketball games and conventions.

What is the unique feature of the stadium's roof?

Lucas Oil Stadium has a retractable roof with two large panels that can open or close in approximately 11 minutes. This feature allows for events to be held indoors or outdoors, depending on weather conditions.

What major events have been held at Lucas Oil Stadium?

Lucas Oil Stadium has hosted significant events, including Super Bowl XLVI, the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Final Four, the annual Big Ten Football Championship Games, and concerts by renowned artists.

Is Lucas Oil Stadium accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, Lucas Oil Stadium is fully accessible for individuals with disabilities. It features ramps, escalators, and elevators to ensure inclusivity for all attendees.

Can visitors take guided tours of the stadium?

Yes, Lucas Oil Stadium offers guided tours that provide insights into the stadium's history, architecture, and behind-the-scenes areas, such as the field, locker rooms, and press box.

What is the best way to get to Lucas Oil Stadium?

The best way to get to Lucas Oil Stadium is by car, with several parking options near the stadium. Public transportation options, including buses and trains, are also available.

Can I bring food and drinks into Lucas Oil Stadium?

Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside Lucas Oil Stadium, except one factory-sealed bottle of water per person. Concessions are available throughout the stadium.

Is parking available at the stadium?

Yes, Lucas Oil Stadium has various parking options for attendees, including nearby lots and garages. Parking availability may vary depending on the event.

Can the stadium host events other than sports games?

Yes! Lucas Oil Stadium is designed to host various events, including concerts, conventions, trade shows, and more. Its adaptable setup allows for versatile usage.

What are the stadium's policies on bags and other items?

Clear bags are permitted in the stadium. Small clutch bags no larger than 4.5" x 6.5" are also permitted. No other bags are allowed.

Is Lucas Oil Stadium located in downtown Indianapolis?

Yes, Lucas Oil Stadium is situated in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, making it easily accessible to visitors and offering proximity to other attractions.

Are there accommodations for tailgating before games?

Yes, Lucas Oil Stadium offers tailgating spaces for fans to gather and enjoy the pre-game atmosphere. Tailgating policies may vary depending on the event.

How do I book private suites or event spaces at Lucas Oil Stadium?

To book private suites or event spaces for special occasions or corporate events, you can contact the stadium's event management team for information and reservations.

Are there designated smoking areas within the stadium?

Lucas Oil Stadium is a smoke-free facility, including electronic cigarettes. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas outside the stadium.

Does Lucas Oil Stadium have a museum or hall of fame for the Colts?

While Lucas Oil Stadium doesn't have a dedicated museum or hall of fame, the Colts' rich history and achievements are celebrated throughout the venue.

Are there any sustainability initiatives in place at Lucas Oil Stadium?

Yes, Lucas Oil Stadium is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. The venue incorporates energy-efficient technologies and recycling programs.

How can I purchase tickets for events at Lucas Oil Stadium?

Tickets for events at Lucas Oil Stadium can be purchased here at Event Tickets Center!

Facts about Lucas Oil Stadium



Date Opened:

August 16, 2008

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Performer Date Price Tickets Available
AMA Supercross Mar 16, 2024 From $42 8,983
Morgan Wallen Apr 4, 2024 From $171 1,823
Morgan Wallen Apr 5, 2024 From $172 3,271
George Strait May 4, 2024 From $143 5,718
U.S. Olympic Trials Jun 15, 2024 From $106 22
U.S. Olympic Trials Jun 15, 2024 From $106 27
U.S. Olympic Trials Jun 16, 2024 From $106 19
U.S. Olympic Trials Jun 16, 2024 From $106 16
U.S. Olympic Trials Jun 17, 2024 From $106 24
U.S. Olympic Trials Jun 17, 2024 From $106 23