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The Music City also lives for sports

Nashville's heartbeat pulses with more than just music – it also vibrates with the deafening cheers of the thousands of sports enthusiasts who attend Nissan Stadium. This iconic arena proudly hosts the Tennessee Titans, Nashville's beloved NFL team, transforming Sundays into a sea of navy blue and white jerseys. As the Titans charge onto the field, the stadium comes alive with an electrifying energy that's infectious, uniting fans from all walks of life under one common roar.

Nestled along the banks of the Cumberland River, it offers attendees breathtaking views of Nashville's evolving skyline. The stadium accommodates over 69,143 fans and isn't confined to NFL matchups alone, as it is home to the Tennessee State Tigers college football team and the NCAA’s Music City Bowl every year since 1999 and it also opens its gates to sports like soccer, hosting several men and women’s international clashes as well as some MLS matchups.

As Nashville grows as a diverse destination, Nissan Stadium and the events hosted in its grounds remain an important part of the city’s cultural experience. In the upcoming years, the stadium will be replaced for a brand new, domed 60,000-seat stadium that will not only improve the overall experience, but also draw more events due to its cutting edge features.

Memorable Musical Moments at Nissan Stadium

Nashville breathes music, hence their nickname, Music City. Therefore, Nissan Stadium also plays a big role in hosting large music events of all genres.

Every year, the stadium hosts the center stage for CMA Music Festival, a four-day country music festival that is held each June all over the city. The festival has hosted some of the biggest names in country music, including Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney and many other country legends.

Some of the largest world tours have Nissan Stadium as one of their stops. The record attendance for a concert (and the overall stadium’s record) is held by Ed Sheeran who, in 2023, played for 73,874 fans.

These are some of the largest music events that have been held at the stadium:

  • Garth Brooks’ Stadium Tour in 2022
  • Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour in 2022
  • Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour in 2023
  • Beyoncé’s Reputation Tour in 2023
  • Ed Sheeran’s +–=÷x Tour in 2023

Relevant facts about Nissan Stadium

What is the history of Nissan Stadium?

Originally named Adelphia Coliseum, the stadium was inaugurated on August 27, 1999 after two years of construction. Its primary purpose was to provide a home for the Tennessee Titans (then Tennessee Oilers), an NFL franchise that had recently relocated from Houston to Nashville, and the Tennessee State Tigers college football team. This move marked a significant milestone for the city, showcasing its emergence as a major player in the professional sports arena.

In 2002, after Adelphia (a telecommunications company) filed for bankruptcy, the stadium’s name was changed to The Coliseum and it held that name until 2006, when they signed a new naming rights deal with LP (Louisiana-Pacific), a manufacturer of building material, a deal that ended in 2015 when the automobile manufacturer Nissan, whose North American headquarters are situated just south of Nashville, obtained the stadium's naming rights through a 20-year agreement, which resulted in the venue having its current name. As part of the sponsorship arrangement with Nissan, a Nissan Titan pickup truck is prominently placed next to the scoreboard of the stadium.

Throughout its history, its grounds have hosted hundreds of football games as well as other sporting events, such as the Indy’s Music City Grand Prix, the 2022 NHL Stadium Series and international soccer friendlies between some of the best teams in the world.

Nissan Stadium has undergone several upgrades and improvements over the years in order to enhance the fan experience, modernize facilities, and maintain its status as a top-tier sports and entertainment venue. Some of the upgrades include new video screens, seat replacements, technological upgrades, accessibility features and sustainability initiatives. 

Does Nissan Stadium showcase any retired numbers?

The Tennessee Titans have officially retired the jersey numbers of eight players and their numbers are displayed throughout Nissan Stadium. These numbers and players are:

  • 1, Warren Moon, QB, 1984–1993
  • 9, Steve McNair, QB, 1995–2005
  • 27, Eddie George, RB, 1996–2003
  • 34, Earl Campbell, RB, 1978–1984
  • 43, Jim Norton, S/P, 1960–1968
  • 63, Mike Munchak, G, 1982–1993
  • 65, Elvin Bethea, DE, 1968–1983
  • 74, Bruce Matthews, G, 1983–2001

Nissan Stadium Stadium DesignThe stadium was designed by HOK Sport (now called Populous), an architectural firm based in Kansas City, Missouri who has designed many other notable stadiums, including NRG Stadium in Houston and Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Featuring an open-air configuration, the stadium allows attendees to experience the outdoor environment while enjoying the events. This design choice creates an authentic and engaging ambiance for visitors. The three levels of seats ensure clear sightlines from various angles, guaranteeing unobstructed views of the action for all attendees.

The stadium recently changed its natural grass field for a Matrix Helix Turf, mainly due to the fact that Nashville is located in a transition climate zone, which poses a challenge for maintaining a consistently healthy grass surface throughout the entirety of the NFL season, especially during cold months. This turf will make its debut for the 2023 season.

Overall, Nissan Stadium stands out for its smart design, seamlessly combining its scenic riverside location with a flexible layout that makes it a great spot for sports and events.

Nissan Stadium Amenities

With a diverse range of seating choices, Nissan Stadium ensures fans can customize their experience to their likings, be it proximity to the action, premium amenities, or an optimal viewing point. The lower level seating provides an immersive experience with proximity to the field and clear views of the action. For those seeking premium comfort and amenities, the club level seating offers exclusive access to lounges and upscale dining choices. Situated higher up, the upper level seating provides a broader perspective of the game and stadium, often at more budget-friendly prices. The stadium also prioritizes accessible seating options, accommodating fans with disabilities and their companions.

The stadium also features a modern sound system, high-speed elevators providing access to upper levels, and LED ribbon boards positioned on the upper mezzanine surfaces. Two LED video boards of 157 by 54 ft are installed on both ends of the field. The availability of WiFi connectivity allows fans to stay connected throughout their entire visit to the stadium.

Nissan Stadium offers a diverse and flavorful range of food and drink options that reflect both the local Nashville culinary scene and traditional stadium foods. Collaborating with both local and national food brands, the stadium ensures that visitors can indulge in a variety of tastes and preferences, enhancing their overall game-day experience. There are 62 concession stands located throughout the stadium, so guests can find something to their taste, no matter what they are craving. The food offerings range from iconic stadium favorites like hot dogs, burgers, pizza and fries, to more local options such as Nashville hot chicken, ribs and brisket sandwiches.

Nissan Stadium offers the chance of doing a private tour for groups. Tours are not available to the public on a walk-up basis. The private tour takes about an hour and includes stops at the locker room, press box, post-game interview room, TV production studio, broadcast booths, T-Rac’s Den and other locations.

There are multiple designated parking spots at Nissan Stadium (114 of which are accessible friendly) and they can only be accessed by purchasing a Titans or Nissan Stadium issued parking pass, which are already sold out for the 2023 season. If you don’t hold a 2023 parking pass, we recommend exploring alternative parking options in downtown Nashville or the surrounding areas near Nissan Stadium. Bicycle parking is available in the stadium grounds and it is located across the street from gates 1, 3, 6, and 8. ADA drop off / pick up areas are available near gates 2 and 3.

Tailgating at Nissan Stadium

If you want to grab a bite to eat before the game, tailgating is one of the best ways to satisfy your hunger and also share great moments with other fans. For those interested in tailgating at Nissan Stadium, please adhere to the following guidelines in order to make everyone’s experience memorable:

  • Tailgating is allowed solely in the immediate area behind your vehicle. Your tailgate setup should not extend to adjacent parking spaces.
  • It's important to avoid blocking parking access or obstructing roadways at any point.
  • The stadium’s management reserves the right to impose limitations or restrictions on tailgating activities.
  • You cannot save any parking spaces.
  • Please recognize that numbered spots in grassy spots are intended for vehicle parking and not as additional space for tailgating.
  • Use designated trash cans and receptacles for disposing of waste.
  • You are allowed to have televisions, radios, and other music-playing devices within your parking space or just behind it. However, consider the volume levels so as not to disturb neighboring tailgaters.
  • Tents must not be staked into the ground. They can only be secured using weights.
  • After use, make sure that hot coals are extinguished and properly disposed of in the provided coal dumpsters located throughout the parking areas. Propane grills are not allowed.
  • The parking attendants and security personnel will oversee tailgating activities and assist fans. Should you encounter any problems in the parking lot, kindly report them immediately.

What comes next for Nissan Stadium?

This stadium as we know it is seeing its last years. In February 2022, the Titans halted ongoing stadium renovations due to rising costs and structural concerns and started to explore the possibility of replacing the facility in the near future. In late 2022, they committed to a full replacement and released renderings of their 2.1 billion new stadium, which is expected to open in 2027. The new stadium is going to be built next to the current stadium, which will be demolished once the new stadium is completed. 

Nissan Stadium is a place that still has some time to leave a lot of unforgettable memories to the millions of people who have ever attended one of its events.

  • The Music City Miracle: One of the NFL’s most memorable moments in history. On January 8, 2000, during the final moments of the AFC Wild Card playoff game between the Tennessee Titans and the Buffalo Bills and with 16 seconds left in the game, the Bills were leading 16-15 after scoring a field goal. Following kickoff return, Titans' tight end Frank Wycheck made a lateral pass to Kevin Dyson, who then sprinted for 75 yards and scored the winning touchdown, securing a 22–16 victory.
  • Derrick Henry’s Record: Derrick Henry etched his name in NFL history on December 6, 2018, when he ran 99 yards for a touchdown against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Titans were backed up to their own 1-yard line, but Henry refused to go down, breaking through three defenders and racing down the sideline for the score. The run tied Tony Dorsett's record for the longest in NFL history and helped the Titans to a 30-9 victory. Henry finished the game with 238 rushing yards and four touchdowns.
  • Nashville SC's first MLS game at Nissan Stadium: Although Nashville FC now plays in Geodis Park, Nissan Stadium will always be their first home. On February 29, 2020, they hosted their first home game against Atlanta United FC, in their MLS regular season opener. The game ended in a 2-1 loss for Nashville, but the atmosphere was electric as 59,069 fans packed the stadium.

FAQs about Nissan Stadium - Nashville

Nissan Stadium Seat Numbers, Sections and Seating Chart

When looking at seating charts for sports events, seats are arranged so that the lower numbered seats within a section are located closer to the preceding section. For example; if a venue shows three sections (A, B, and C), seat #1 in section B will be located next to section A. As the seat numbers progress within section B, they move closer to section C. Nissan Stadium, a venue designed to host sports games, may be set up in a similar fashion. While concerts and other events held at Nissan Stadium may not follow this layout, most sports events happening at Nissan Stadium will follow this configuration. Concert seating is typically laid out so that the higher the seat number, the further you are from the stage/performance area. If you’re seeing a concert at Nissan Stadium, it’s likely that the seats closest to the stage will have low seat numbers and low section numbers.

Nissan Stadium Reviews, Interactive Seating Charts and Seat Views

Finding Nissan Stadium seating charts with seat views or 3D views from your seat has proven to be a difficult task – until now. Event Tickets Center provides fans with unbiased Nissan Stadium reviews on our venue guides, including information on Nissan Stadium seat numbers, row numbers, and tips on how to find great seats!

Are VIP Packages or Accessible Seating offered at Nissan Stadium?

Nissan Stadium VIP seating packages and accessible seating section locations may vary per event. Please click the seating chart below or contact our customer service department to discuss options for accessible seating or VIP package purchases.

Where is the Tennessee Titans Sideline at Nissan Stadium?

The Tennessee Titans home bench is located in front of Section 134, Section 135, and Section 136 and the away team bench is in front of Section 111, Section 112, and Section 113.

Where is the Nashville SC Sideline at Nissan Stadium?

The Nashville SC home bench is located in front of Section 134, Section 135, and Section 136 and the away team bench is in front of Section 111, Section 112, and Section 113.

What are club seats at Nissan Stadium?

The club level seats at Nissan Stadium span 200 level sections and provide upscale food and beverage service choices with club access.

When did Nissan Stadium open?

Nissan Stadium opened on August 27, 1999 for a preseason game between the Tennessee Titans and the Atlanta Falcons.

What is the capacity of Nissan Stadium?

Nissan Stadium has a seating capacity of 69,143 for football games, although the record attendance at Nissan Stadium was set on July 22, 2023, when the British singer Ed Sheeran performed in front of 73,874 fans.

How many names has Nissan Stadium had?

The stadium has experienced three name changes since it first opened as Adelphia Coliseum. The complete list of names is the following:

  1. Adelphia Coliseum: 1999 – 2002
  2. The Coliseum: 2002 – 2006
  3. LP Field: 2006 – 2015
  4. Nissan Stadium: 2015 – present

What was the first game and outcome at Nissan Stadium?

The first game at the stadium was a preseason game between the Tennessee Titans and the Atlanta Falcons, which ended in a 17-3 win for the Titans. The first regular-season NFL game played at Nissan Stadium took place on September 12, 1999. In this inaugural game, the Tennessee Titans faced off against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Titans won the game with a score of 36-35.

What are some of the most famous players to play at Nissan Stadium?

Nissan Stadium has hosted a lineup of legendary NFL players who left their mark on the field. Kevin Dyson's iconic role in the "Music City Miracle" cemented his place in Titans history. Steve McNair, the tough and versatile quarterback, had remarkable playmaking abilities. Running back Eddie George's powerful style made him a fan favorite, contributing significantly to the team's success. Jevon Kearse, known as "The Freak," showcased unparalleled speed and agility as a dominant defensive end. Derrick Henry's remarkable rushing prowess and records have solidified his status as one of the NFL's most feared running backs.

Has Nissan Stadium hosted any Super Bowl games?

No, the stadium hasn’t hosted any Super Bowl games.

Are there premium seating options available at Nissan Stadium?

Luxury suites provide a private and upscale experience, featuring spacious seating, catering services, and exclusive amenities. Loge boxes offer a mix of suite-level comforts and a close-up view of the game, while party decks create a social atmosphere ideal for groups, often including food and beverage packages.

Does Nissan Stadium have a retractable roof?

No, the stadium has an open air design and it doesn’t feature a retractable roof.

What are the accessibility options at Nissan Stadium?

Besides offering accessible seating options, accessible restrooms, wide aisles, ramps and elevators, Nissan Stadium has a ADA Drop Off and Pick Up area. For those in need of wheelchair services, wheelchairs can be rented from the Fan Services Window located in Section 124. Additionally, guests requiring wheelchair pickup and/or drop-off assistance can approach any of the stadium’s dedicated Fan Services Representatives. Guests with sensory needs can get Sensory Kits, available at the Fan Services window in Section 124 or the designated Sensory Room in Section 101. These kits comprise noise-canceling headphones, fidget items, and emotional rating cards. The Sensory Room, thoughtfully designed by medical professionals, caters to those who seek a quieter and more secure environment while attending an event. Furthermore, Quiet Areas are conveniently placed in the Mother’s Lounges at sections 310 and 337.

What is the bag policy at Nissan Stadium?

To streamline gate entry and enhance safety measures, it is strongly advised to refrain yourself from bringing bags of any kind to Nissan Stadium. However, if you do need to carry personal items, it's important you get familiar with the stadium’s clear bag policy. Clear bags of 12" x 12" x 6" or smaller are permissible. Meanwhile, non-transparent bags, even if placed within a larger clear bag, must adhere to the size limit of 4.5" x 6.5" and remain open to inspection by security personnel at the entry gates. This clear bag policy applies to all events at Nissan Stadium, including Titans games, college football matches, concerts, and other sporting events, ensuring consistent safety measures across diverse gatherings.

What elements are forbidden to enter at Nissan Stadium?

Items that are not permitted within the venue include non-clear bags exceeding the size of 4.5" x 6.5", coolers, containers including glass bottles, aerosol and non-aerosol cans, thermos, and hard plastic tumblers. Additionally, metal flasks, cigar/cigarette cases made of metal, seat cushions, folding or standalone chairs, umbrellas, strollers, baby seats, camera lenses exceeding 6", video cameras, recording devices, and tripods are restricted. Other prohibited items encompass poles, selfie sticks, all types of sticks, drones, unmanned aircraft, horns, whistles, or any noisemakers. Weapons, including pocket knives, as well as outside food, beverages, illegal substances, and alcoholic beverages, are also not allowed. Animals, except for service animals assisting guests with disabilities, inflatable balls, balloons, headwear, or apparel with hazardous attachments, lights like flashlights or LED lights, and items that may cause disruptions are included in the list. Inflatable costumes are also prohibited. For non-sporting events such as concerts, additional restrictions might be enforced based on the artist's and/or management's discretion. Make sure to check with the venue prior to your visit.

Where can I get tickets for an event at Nissan Stadium?

Make sure to get your tickets here!

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Performer Date Price Tickets Available
AMA Supercross Apr 20, 2024 From $65 1,353
Morgan Wallen May 2, 2024 From $274 1,175
Morgan Wallen May 3, 2024 From $237 1,922
Morgan Wallen May 4, 2024 From $253 1,831
CMA Music Festival Jun 6, 2024 From $345 2,910
CMA Music Festival Jun 6, 2024 From $170 759
CMA Music Festival Jun 7, 2024 From $205 379
CMA Music Festival Jun 8, 2024 From $243 325
CMA Music Festival Jun 9, 2024 From $141 390
Monster Jam Jun 22, 2024 From $45 917