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Classic Rock

Seeing your favorite classic rock band live in concert is an unparalleled experience—but the high price of tickets and fees could make you seriously consider hanging back. With a few simple tips, you can score those tickets and save a little money for the band T-shirt, too.

Sign Up for the Mailing Lists

It’s no secret that classic rock bands like The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, and Elton John have giant mailing lists and websites dedicated to the who, what, when and where of the band. Staying in the know by keeping up to date in band fan-groups or websites will help you determine exactly when those classic rock concert tickets are going on sale—so you’ll be ready to rock at upcoming concerts. Additionally, being on a mailing list will let you know far ahead of time when concert tour dates will be, and where.

Wait It Out

If you’re confident enough, you should wait it out when it comes to classic rock tickets—especially if the band or act is planning a huge tour. Concert tickets, upon initial release, are expensive and can sell out quickly. But if you’re patient, ticket prices often drop after a while, especially if demand is no longer extremely high. Of course, if your favorite artist—like Billy Joel—is playing a select few concerts in NYC with a stop or two for concerts in Chicago or elsewhere on a relatively small tour, you’re better off snatching those tickets as soon as they’re released.

Head to a Festival

Classic rock festivals are a great chance to see your favorite classic rock music at music venues that are a little off the beaten path, and they provide an extra opportunity to see some of the best classic rock bands all in one place. Although tickets can be a little pricier, many major cities host festivals where you can go to a day or several day-long events created exclusively for the enjoyment of rock classics and live music. Instead of dishing out money on one awesome band, you could see as many as 15 great acts.
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