Concord Pavilion - Concord, CA

The Concord Pavilion formerly Sleep Train Pavilion is an outdoor concert venue located in Concord, California. If you have never heard of this venue it may be because you are used to calling it another name. This venue has also been known as the Chronicle Pavilion. But no matter what you have been calling this concert venue, one thing is for sure. Each year it is going to host some of the best concerts in the state, and this is going to hold true for many years to come. The fact of the matter is that the Concord Pavilion has so much to offer both fans and performers that it is hopping all the time during concert season.

The Concord Pavilion opened its doors in 1975, and in 2000 operations were taken over by a new company.

In addition to concerts, local high school graduations and community shows also take palace at the Concord Pavilion on a regular basis. These events go a long way in getting the people of the area involved.

As you can see, the Concord Pavilion has a lot to offer. Although it is a bit older than some other venues in the area, it still has many benefits that fans and performers love.
Useful Event Info
Venue Address:
2000 Kirker Pass Rd, Concord, CA
History & Traditions:
Past Names/Nicknames:
Chronicle Pavilion, Sleep Train Pavilion
Date/Year Built/Opened: