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The Sleeman Centre is a premier event venue located in downtown Guelph, Ontario. With a seating capacity of 4,715, it is ideal for hosting concerts, sports events, and other large-scale shows. It has been an important part of the city’s arena landscape for over three decades and continues to be an integral part of life in Guelph and its surrounding area today. The Sleeman Centre hosts many community events such as concerts, large-scale company events, family activities, and trade shows. Major stars have performed at this magnificent venue including Shania Twain, U2, and Billy Joel.

Guelph is conveniently located about an hour west of Toronto on the banks of the Eramosa River. The vibrant city center offers excellent restaurants, pubs, and entertainment for all ages. With its rich history steeped in culture and tradition, there are numerous heritage sites around town, City Hall is one of them. There are also plenty of family-friendly fun places to explore such as parks, trails, lively attractions and culture, local shopping, and farmer's markets. Yearly special events like Summer Lights Festival offer even more reasons why visitors should visit.

The Sleeman Centre has modern infrastructure and world-class facilities, making it one of the most versatile event venues in Canada. Whether you're in town for a hockey game or a concert, or to enjoy any of its other hosted events, the Sleeman Centre is an excellent choice for entertainment!

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Performer Date Price Tickets Available
Guelph Storm Dec 10, 2023 From $28 20
Guelph Storm Dec 15, 2023 From $21 54
Guelph Storm Dec 16, 2023 From $26 18
Guelph Storm Dec 28, 2023 From $22 26
Guelph Storm Jan 5, 2024 From $24 28
Guelph Storm Jan 7, 2024 From $25 48
Guelph Storm Jan 17, 2024 From $21 46
Guelph Storm Jan 19, 2024 From $25 44
Guelph Storm Jan 26, 2024 From $25 54
Guelph Storm Feb 4, 2024 From $28 40