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Legion Field - Birmingham, AL

Legion Field is located in Birmingham, Alabama, and serves as the home field for the University of Alabama at Birmingham football team. The University of Alabama used to play several home games a year at this venue, but has stopped this practice as of late.

Legion Field opened for business in 1926, which makes it one of the oldest football stadiums in Conference USA. But even though this stadium is a bit old, updates have helped to keep it modern enough to suit the needs of both the players and fans.

The seating capacity at Legion Field is 71,954. As you can imagine, this makes the venue one of the largest in the conference. And to take this a bit further, it is quite competitive when compared to most college football venues in the country.

Legion Field has been hosting college football games for more than 75 years. With a long history and recent updates, it is safe to say that this tradition will continue for many more to come.
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Venue Address:
400 Graymont Ave W, Birmingham, AL
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Bowl Game:
Jared Birmingham Bowl