Foellinger Theatre Tickets and Seating Charts - Fort Wayne, IN

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Fort Wayne, IN, is often referred to as the “City of Churches”, and is an enjoyable and exciting city to visit. Downtown Fort Wayne has a collection of attractions that appeal to visitors of all ages. Art galleries display both local and international works while visitors can explore lush parks and nature reserves throughout the area. A variety of entertainment options include live instrumental music performances, comedy clubs, and a classic Jewish-style deli. Foellinger Theatre is located in Franke Park in the heart of Fort Wayne. Established in 1911, the theater is one of the oldest theaters in America and still stands as a cultural landmark today. It can accommodate up to 3200 people under its open-air canopy and functions as an ideal venue for musical performances, operas, ballets, and more. In 2011 on its 100th birthday, anniversary, it underwent a major restoration that saved and preserved its original architecture while simultaneously making key updates to ensure continued relevance with the latest technological enhancements-making it an ideal venue for any occasion! Visit the Botanical Conservatory or get close to nature at one of Fort Wayne’s lakeside parks or a nearby nature park where you can spot over 130 species of wildflowers. When looking for a bite to eat check out Fort Wayne's diverse restaurant scene featuring everything from traditional German restaurants to classic American diners for breakfast and lunch favorites like pancakes and hotdogs topped with cheese sauce. For sports fans, there are plenty of opportunities around town, including arenas devoted specifically to basketball, as well as several softball fields near downtown areas waiting for games during warm summer days.

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Performer Date Price Tickets Available
Christmas at The Embassy Dec 10, 2023 From $41 8
Fort Wayne Philharmonic Dec 14, 2023 From $90 36
Fort Wayne Philharmonic Dec 15, 2023 From $90 22
Aries Spears Dec 15, 2023 From $54 26
Techmas Dec 15, 2023 From $33 15
Aries Spears Dec 15, 2023 From $57 38
Fort Wayne Philharmonic Dec 16, 2023 From $90 26
Indiana Christmas Jingle Dec 16, 2023 From $33 11
Aries Spears Dec 16, 2023 From $54 20
Fort Wayne Philharmonic Dec 16, 2023 From $90 18