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The project of San Diego native/slacker Nathan Williams, Wavves is an indie rock band known for blending bright and dreamy melodies with charmingly messy lyricism. Wavves came to fruition shortly after Williams quit his day job, dividing his time between skateboarding and writing for his hip-hop blog. He began writing and recording music using and ‘80s Tascam cassette recorder and Apple’s GarageBand software, eventually winding up with two albums work of material. The recordings were messy and mangled by overdriven inputs, but Williams opted to promote his newly found distinct style online, and quickly gained popularity with Internet music critics and bloggers alike. Wavves has released a total of six studio albums to date. Joining Williams to complete a full lineup are Stevie Pope on bass, Alex Gates on guitar, and Brian Hill on the drums. Their sound has been characterized as indie rock meets surf rock with a touch of pop punk.
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