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Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado is a Puerto Rican trap singer who made his debut in 2012 under the stage name J Oz. He signed a recording contract in 2014 and continued to upload his music to YouTube, his song “Si No Te Quiere” becoming a hit and receiving major airplay on radio stations across Latin America. Ozuna went on to collaborate with several well-known Latin artists throughout 2015 and 2016, gaining widespread popularity for his appearance in the De La Ghetto single "La Ocasión,” which reached number 22 on the Hot Latin Songs chart. His debut album, Odisea, contained several hit songs and became an instant success, making Ozuna one of the best new generation reggaetón and Latin Trap artists. Ozuna is part of the latest wave of urban singers to emerge from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. While many of his songs cover explicit topics, he has avoided lyrics that objectify women out of respect for his wife and young daughter. He is one of only a few artists in his genre to do so.