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We have a huge selection of New Orleans Pelicans New Orleans Arena tickets to choose from. Find all Pelicans tickets New Orleans Arena and view the Pelicans New Orleans Arena schedule here. Choose a date and start planning a day or an evening with the New Orleans Pelicans at New Orleans Arena today!
The New Orleans Arena is an indoor venue located in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is located in the central business district, and sits close to the Louisiana Superdome. Since opening for business in October 1999 the New Orleans Arena has seen tons of action. This includes everything from hundreds of sporting events to concerts to special events and shows. The fact of the matter is that this venue is one of the busiest in the area. This holds true no matter what time of the year it is.

The New Orleans Arena cost $84 million to build, and is proudly owned by the City of New Orleans. While this venue may not be the biggest in the country, it has an above average seating capacity to suit the needs of everybody involved with an event. For basketball games the New Orleans Arena has a capacity of 18,000, and for arena football this number decreases a bit to 16,500.

In addition to the regular events scheduled to take place at the New Orleans Arena on a regular basis, many special events stop by on a regular basis. In 2007, ArenaBowl XXI took place in this venue, and the 2008 NBA All Star Game is also stopped by. And of course, several big name concerts are always scheduled for the New Orleans Arena each year.

With so many events taking place it is easy to see why the New Orleans Arena is always packed with people. Anybody who has the chance to visit this venue should take advantage.

New Orleans Pelicans at New Orleans Arena

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