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Award-winning singer, songwriter, and guitarist John Mayer first emerged in 2001 as a sensitive, acoustic-style artist with the release of his debut album Room For Squares. The album peaked at the number nine spot on the Billboard 200, earning wide-spread critical acclaim and a Grammy Award for “Your Body Is a Wonderland,” setting the tone for what would be a long and rewarding career. Room For Squares went multi-platinum before the release of its follow-up in 2003. In the years since his groundbreaking debut, Mayer has released six additional studio albums, including Heavier Things (2003), Continuum (2007), Battle Studies (2009), Born and Raised (2012), Paradise Valley (2013), and The Search for Everything (2017). Since 2014, he has played alongside three of the Grateful Dead’s original members as Dead & Company. The group has enjoyed major success since their formation, touring annually since 2015. Mayer has remained a reigning force over the charts throughout his 20+ year career. His unique fusion of folk and blues combined with elements of jazz, country and pop continues to resonate with audiences of all ages, selling well over 20 million albums worldwide. He remains one of the most versatile and popular artists to emerge in the new millennium.