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We have a huge selection of Colorado Rockies Coors Field Tickets to choose from. Find all Rockies Tickets Coors Field and view the Rockies Coors Field schedule here. Choose a date and start planning a day or an evening with the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field today!
The Colorado Rockies are a Major League Baseball team that competes in the National League Western Division. Although the Rockies are one of the newer teams in the league, they have already established themselves as one of the up and coming franchises. Since joining the league in 1993, the Rockies have not had a lot of success on the field. But with that being said, they have established a nice fan base across the country, and are always competitive, game in and game out.

The Rockies play their home games at Coors Field, and have done so since 1995. Although pitchers do not like Coors Field, hitters are exactly the opposite. With the thin air the ball travels as well in this park as any in the league. It is safe to say that this makes for a hitters paradise.

With a great stadium and a championship caliber team, Rockies tickets have become more and more popular as each year goes by.

Located in Denver, Colorado, Coors Field has been hosting regular events since its first one in April of 1995. Over the years Coors Field has received the praise of fans who love the great atmosphere, quality concessions, and overall experience. And of course, hitters love playing at Coors Field because of the thin air. For this reason, this venue is known as the best hitter's ball park in all of Major League Baseball. This brings a lot of excitement to the game, and has sold many Coors Field tickets over the years.

The Colorado Rockies of the MLB is the only tenant that plays its home games at Coors Field. This allows for the stadium to stay in good shape even during the harsh winter months that bring cold weather and mounds of snow. And this is a good thing since the people of Colorado wait all year long for baseball season to start in April.

The seating capacity of Coors Field is 50,200 making it larger than most of the new stadiums in the league today. One of the most unique features of Coors Field is the purple seats that make up the 20th row of the upper deck. This marks the one mile elevation point. All of the other seats in the stadium are dark green.

There have been many great moments at Coors Field over its short history. In 1998 Hideo Nomo of the Los Angeles Dodgers pitched a no hitter. In a hitter friendly park this is quite the feat. Coors Field also had the privilege of hosting the MLB All Star Game in 1998.

Coors Field has a lot to offer fans, and this is evident in the way that they show up time and time again for home games. It is safe to say that Coors Field is among the nicest parks in the league, and probably will be for many years to come. As long as the Rockies continue to excel, Coors Field tickets will be in high demand.

Colorado Rockies at Coors Field

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