Atlanta Braves at Turner Field

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For many years the Atlanta Braves have been known as one of the top franchises in Major League Baseball. They currently compete in the National League East Division, and have done so since the 1994 season. Although the Braves have not always been based in the city of Atlanta, since moving there they have done quite well. For this reason, many baseball fans feel that the Braves franchise is among one of the best of all time. One thing is for sure: Braves tickets have been in high demand no matter which city they called home.

Before moving to Atlanta in 1966, the Braves were based in several other cities. They include Boston from 1912 to 1935 and 1941 to 1952 and Milwaukee from 1953 to 1965. In 1997, the Braves started to play their home games at Turner Field. At the time, this was the nicest stadium in the league. Although it still has a lot to offer, newer stadiums have been built since.

The Braves won a World Series Title in 1914 when they were in Boston, 1957 in Milwaukee, and most recently in 1995 in Atlanta. Even though the Braves have only won the World Series three times, they have many other titles under their belt. Perhaps their biggest reign of dominance was from 1995 to 2005 when they won 11 straight National League East Division Titles.

The Atlanta Braves have always been a great team, and this is going to hold true for many years to come. As long as they continue to win and fans continue to support them, the Braves will stay at home in Atlanta for the foreseeable future.

Once again the Braves are making noise in the National League. They have many great players on their roster including Nate McClouth, Derek Lowe, and Ryan Church among many others.

Turner Field is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and has been hosting events since July of 1996. Over the years Turner Field has become known as one of the best stadiums in the country, and this is evident in the wide variety of events that it hosts year in and year out. Even though it specializes in MLB events, there are others that stop by the venue from time to time.

The Atlanta Braves of the MLB is the only team to call Turner Field home. They have been playing their games at this venue since 1997, and there is no talk about this changing anytime in the near future. With a capacity of 50,091 for baseball games Turner Field is one of the larger venues in the league. But the great thing about this stadium is that it can expand quite a bit if need be. For the 1996 Summer Olympics Turner Field had a seating capacity of approximately 85,000.

It is hard for many to imagine that Turner Field is more than 10 years old. It appears to be as modern as it was on opening day. One of the main reasons for this is that before the 2005 season Turner Field underwent major renovations. This included a $10 million video display which was the largest in the world at the time. Additionally, a more than 1,000 foot LED screen was added to the Upper Deck so that advertisements could be displayed. While these may seem like useless renovations, they go a long way in giving Turner Field the look and feel that so many fans love.

Anybody who has the chance to see a game at Turner Field should take advantage. It has everything that a fan could possibly want, as well as great access to establishments outside the stadium.

Turner Field is also known as "The Ted" after former owner Ted Turner.
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