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Every Time I Die

Every Time I Die (ETID) was formed by Buffalo, NY brothers Keith and Jordan Buckley in the winter of 1998. They were discovered during an initial short tour of shows that covered the Buffalo and Toronto, Canada area and went on to release their debut EP, Burial Plot Bidding War, in 2000. The band’s first full-length album, Last Night in Town, dropped in 2001. Following a series of lineup changes over the years, ETID’s current lineup consists of Andy Willliams, Stephen Micciche, Clayton Holyoak and original members Keith and Jordan Buckley. ETID has released a total of eight studio albums, including their latest project, 2016’s Low Teens.

Recently, Every Time I Die has announced they will be celebrating their 20-year anniversary by embarking on the “20 Years of Bullshit Tour”! Check out the complete tour schedule below and snag tickets to a show near you!