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Tickets to Sleater-Kinney shows are available now right here at Event Tickets Center! Many of their shows have sold out elsewhere, but not here. Event Tickets Center has a limited number of tickets available for their next several shows. Prices start at $58, but can range all the way up to $400. So, you need to act fast before ticket prices rise. If you are on the fence about going to see Sleater-Kinney live, we have conveniently laid out some of the most important information about them. Listen to some of their most popular music via the playlist below and read up on some of their background and biggest achievements. Find the event you want to attend in the event list below, so you can purchase your tickets to go see Sleater-Kinney live!

Who is Sleater-Kinney?

Sleater-Kinney is a band from Portland that has reached mid-level status across the Soundtracks, Indie Rock, and Rock categories. Sleater-Kinney has released 12 live and studio albums and 14 singles on Spotify that string all the way back to Jun 25, 1995 with their debut album titled Sleater-Kinney (Remastered). Their most recent album release was Dig Me In: A Dig Me Out Covers Album on Oct 21, 2022.

Sleater-Kinney's Popularity

Sleater-Kinney's growth has led to an overall artist ranking of 38,361 on Spotify in the United States. They have become well known for their exciting shows and entertaining performances which has built a robust following. This is largely fueled by nearly 300,000 listeners and more than 200,000 followers on Spotify, but they also reach an additional tens of millions of listeners on Spotify through playlists. They average more than 200,000 videos on YouTube and their top video on TikTok has more than 3,000,000 views on the social media platform. There are also nearly 2,000 posts on Tik Tok with Sleater-Kinney's tracks featured on them. Sleater-Kinney is most listened to in Brooklyn in the United States.When you attend your next Sleater-Kinney show, it will be easy to see why they has built such a large following.

Sleater-Kinney as an Artist

You likely recognize Sleater-Kinney by their top tracks which include "Modern Girl", "Dig Me Out", and "Hell". You might also listen to Sleater-Kinney due to their earliest albums such as Sleater-Kinney (Remastered), Call the Doctor (Remastered), and Dig Me Out (Remastered), but you may have heard of them from similar artists such as Bikini Kill, The Breeders, and Le Tigre.

Sleater-Kinney Discography

AlbumRelease DateAlbum Type
Sleater-Kinney (Remastered)Jun 25, 1995Album
Call the Doctor (Remastered)Mar 25, 1996Album
Dig Me Out (Remastered)Apr 8, 1997Album
The Hot Rock (Remastered)Feb 23, 1999Album
All Hands on the Bad One (Remastered)May 2, 2000Album
One Beat (Remastered)Aug 20, 2002Album
EntertainMay 10, 2005Single
The WoodsMay 24, 2005Album
No Cities to LoveJan 20, 2015Album
Live in ParisJan 27, 2017Album
Hurry On HomeMay 29, 2019Single
The Future Is HereJun 14, 2019Single
The Center Won't HoldJul 17, 2019Single
Can I Go OnJul 31, 2019Single
The Center Won't HoldAug 16, 2019Album
ANIMALOct 2, 2019Single
Worry With YouMay 11, 2021Single
High In The GrassMay 26, 2021Single
MethodJun 9, 2021Single
Path of WellnessJun 11, 2021Album
Words and GuitarSep 23, 2022Single
Turn It OnOct 14, 2022Single
Dig Me In: A Dig Me Out Covers AlbumOct 21, 2022Album
HellOct 3, 2023Single
Say It Like You Mean ItNov 8, 2023Single
Untidy CreatureJan 4, 2024Single

Sleater-Kinney Top Tracks

TrackAlbumRelease Date
"A Real Man"Sleater-Kinney (Remastered)Jun 25, 1995
"Dig Me Out"Dig Me Out (Remastered)Apr 8, 1997
"Hell"HellOct 3, 2023
"I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone"Call the Doctor (Remastered)Mar 25, 1996
"Jumpers"The WoodsMay 24, 2005
"Modern Girl"The WoodsMay 24, 2005
"One More Hour"Dig Me Out (Remastered)Apr 8, 1997
"Say It Like You Mean It"Say It Like You Mean ItNov 8, 2023
"Untidy Creature"Untidy CreatureJan 4, 2024
"Words and Guitar"Dig Me In: A Dig Me Out Covers AlbumOct 21, 2022

Similar Artists to Sleater-Kinney

ArtistGenreSpotify Followers
Le TigreAlternative356,245
The BreedersRock437,713
Bikini KillAlternative461,811
Liz PhairAlternative175,328
Veruca SaltAlternative259,909
Babes In Toyland Alternative144,804
Screaming FemalesAlternative77,955
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Meet Sleater-Kinney

Indie rock group Sleater-Kinney rose to prominence in the latter half of the 1990s, commanding audiences’ attention with their fierce all-female lineup. Drawing on influences from the likes of riot grrrl, the group was known for their feminist and left-leaning politics. Sleater-Kinney released seven studio albums from 1994-2005 before entering a hiatus in 2006, with members pursuing solo projects. They would reunite eight years later in 2014, releasing two more albums, No Cities to Love (2015) and Live in Paris (2017). Sleater-Kinney is considered a key part of the American indie rock scene, earning praise as one of the essential rock groups of the early 2000s.

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Venue Date Price Tickets Available
Brooklyn Bowl - Nashville Jul 25, 2024 From $72 35
Majestic Theatre - MI Jul 26, 2024 From $62 25
Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Jul 27, 2024 From $94 10
Mr Small's Theatre Jul 29, 2024 From $82 18
The Queen - Wilmington Jul 30, 2024 From $58 164
College Street Music Hall Jul 31, 2024 From $77 129
Electric City Aug 1, 2024 From $75 19
Danforth Music Hall Theatre Aug 3, 2024 From $63 233
Pioneer Courthouse Square Aug 7, 2024 From $103 17