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Tickets to Silversun Pickups shows are available now right here at Event Tickets Center! Many of his shows have sold out elsewhere, but not here. Event Tickets Center has a limited number of tickets available for his next several shows. Prices start at $42, but can range all the way up to $179. So, you need to act fast before ticket prices rise. If you are on the fence about going to see Silversun Pickups live, we have conveniently laid out some of the most important information about him. Listen to some of his most popular music via the playlist below and read up on some of his background and biggest achievements. Find the event you want to attend in the event list below, so you can purchase your tickets to go see Silversun Pickups live!

Who is Silversun Pickups?

Silversun Pickups is a solo artist from Los Angeles that has reached mainstream status across the Alternative, Rock, and Indie Rock categories. Silversun Pickups has released 7 live and studio albums and 14 singles on Spotify that string all the way back to Jul 26, 2005 with his debut album titled Pikul. His most recent album release was Physical Thrills on Aug 19, 2022.

Silversun Pickups' Popularity

Silversun Pickups' steady growth has led to an overall artist ranking of 10,681 on Spotify in the United States. He has become well known for his exciting shows and entertaining performances which has built a robust following. This is largely fueled by more than 1,000,000 listeners and over 500,000 followers on Spotify, but he also reaches an additional tens of millions of listeners on Spotify through playlists. Additionally, Silversun Pickups has a robust following on social media with nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram. He averages more than 1,000,000 videos on YouTube and his top video on TikTok has tens of millions of views on the social media platform. There are also about 6,000 posts on Tik Tok with Silversun Pickups' tracks featured on them. Silversun Pickups is most listened to in Los Angeles in the United States.When you attend your next Silversun Pickups show, it will be easy to see why he has built such a large following.

Silversun Pickups as an Artist

You likely recognize Silversun Pickups by his top tracks which include "Lazy Eye", "Panic Switch", and "Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance)". You might also listen to Silversun Pickups due to his earliest albums such as Pikul, Carnavas, and Swoon, but you may have heard of him from similar artists such as Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Silversun Pickups' RIAA Awards

Silversun Pickups has reached the pinnacle of any artist's career by earning an RIAA award. His top award came on Dec 15, 2015 for his album Lazy Eye. He received a Platinum award for the album. In total, Silversun Pickups has one Platinum album. Even with all of this success, his RIAA collection finishes with 2 additional Gold albums. As such a well renowned artist, you can be certain that Silversun Pickups's shows are going to be unforgettable thanks to his decorated music library.

Silversun Pickups' Music Library

Silversun Pickups has released a total of 7 albums on Spotify and is the main or feature artist on 163 tracks. His full discography can be found in the charts below, as well as his top 10 songs. However, when you attend a Silversun Pickups show, you're sure to hear more than a few of his big hits from his top albums which include Pikul, Carnavas, and Swoon. His most recent album, Physical Thrills was released on Aug 19, 2022. To supplement his albums, Silversun Pickups has released 14 singles on Spotify. His top singles, which will more than likely be included in his setlists, are Live Session - EP, Remixes, and Seasick - EP, with his most recent single, Move On Fast, being released on Jul 28, 2023.

Silversun Pickups Discography

AlbumRelease DateAlbum Type
PikulJul 26, 2005Album
CarnavasJul 25, 2006Album
Live Session - EPFeb 27, 2007Single
RemixesDec 11, 2007Single
SwoonApr 14, 2009Album
Seasick - EPNov 25, 2011Single
Neck of the WoodsMay 8, 2012Album
Better NatureSep 25, 2015Album
Better Nature (Revisited)Oct 13, 2017Single
Widow's WeedsJun 7, 2019Album
It Doesn't Matter WhyJul 12, 2019Single
Toy SoldiersJul 8, 2020Single
Scared TogetherJul 11, 2022Single
Alone on a HillAug 5, 2022Single
Physical ThrillsAug 19, 2022Album
David Lynch Has a Painting Made of Flies Eyes / Suzanne CianiDec 2, 2022Single
Just Like ChristmasDec 16, 2022Single
Empty Nest (Acoustic)Jun 2, 2023Single
Acoustic ThrillsJun 16, 2023Single
I'm The ManJul 6, 2023Single
Move On FastJul 28, 2023Single

Silversun Pickups Top Tracks

TrackAlbumRelease Date
"Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance)"Better NatureSep 25, 2015
"Empty Nest"Physical ThrillsAug 19, 2022
"Just Like Christmas"Just Like ChristmasDec 16, 2022
"Kissing Families"PikulJul 26, 2005
"Lazy Eye"CarnavasJul 25, 2006
"Panic Switch"SwoonApr 14, 2009
"Substitution"SwoonApr 14, 2009
"The Royal We"SwoonApr 14, 2009
"Three Seed"CarnavasJul 25, 2006
"Well Thought out Twinkles"CarnavasJul 25, 2006

Silversun Pickups RIAA Awards

CarnavasGoldMay 31, 2018
Lazy EyePlatinumDec 15, 2015
Panic Switch (Int'l DMD)GoldDec 15, 2015

Similar Artists to Silversun Pickups

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Yeah Yeah YeahsRock1,271,495
Death Cab for CutiePop1,497,308
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Meet Silversun Pickups

California-based indie rockers Silversun Pickups formed in 2002, originally under the name A couple of Couples. Following some changes in personnel, the group changed their name and got to work on perfecting their atmospheric sound, releasing their debut album Carnavas in the summer of 2006. The album proved to be a success, landing two songs on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart with singles “Well Thought Out Twinkles” and “Lazy Eye” and hitting the number 80 spot on the Billboard 200. Their sophomore album Swoon would arrive in 2009, entering the Top 200 Albums chart at number seven on the strength it’s chart-topping hit single “Panic Switch.” Silversun Pickups have since released three additional albums including Neck of the Woods (2012), Better Nature (2015), and Widow’s Weeds (2019).

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Venue Date Price Tickets Available
Aggie Theatre Apr 18, 2024 From $75 16
Belly Up Aspen Apr 19, 2024 From $143 10
Boulder Theater Apr 20, 2024 From $42 19
Cains Ballroom Apr 22, 2024 From $65 23
The Admiral - Omaha Apr 23, 2024 From $54 44
The Midland Theatre - MO Apr 24, 2024 From $49 25
The Hawthorn - St. Louis Apr 25, 2024 From $52 18
Brooklyn Bowl - Nashville Apr 27, 2024 From $62 24
Buckhead Theatre Apr 28, 2024 From $69 20
The Senate at Tin Roof Apr 29, 2024 From $65 20