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Puscifer Tickets and Information

Currently, we do not have any tickets available for Puscifer. However, we expect him to announce a tour soon, and Event Tickets Center will be your place to buy tickets. In the meantime, listen to some of his most popular music via the playlist below and read up on some of his background and biggest achievements. You can also browse similar artists such as TOOL, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Primus, and Mastodon and check back soon to buy Puscifer tickets!

About Puscifer

Puscifer is a solo artist that has reached mid-level status across the Rock, Alternative, and Soundtracks categories. Puscifer has released 17 live and studio albums and 8 singles on Spotify that string all the way back to Oct 30, 2007 with his debut album titled V Is For Vagina (Deluxe). His most recent album release was Global Probing on Nov 17, 2023.

Puscifer's Popularity

Puscifer's steady status has led to an overall artist ranking of 12,779 on Spotify in the United States. This is largely fueled by 545,835 listeners and 626,237 followers on Spotify, but he also reaches an additional 3,054,211 listeners on Spotify through playlists. Additionally, Puscifer has a robust following on social media with 298,149 followers on Instagram. He averages 1,792,006 videos on YouTube and his top video on TikTok has 33,968,535 views on the social media platform. There are also 10,370 posts on Tik Tok with Puscifer's tracks featured on them. Puscifer is most listened to in Denver in the United States.

Puscifer as an Artist

You likely recognize Puscifer by his top tracks which include "The Humbling River", "Conditions Of My Parole", and "Momma Sed". You might also listen to Puscifer due to his earliest albums such as V Is For Vagina (Deluxe), "V” Is For Viagra, the Vagina Remixes, and D Is For Dubby, but you may have heard of him from similar artists such as TOOL, Nine Inch Nails, and A Perfect Circle.

Puscifer's Appearances On Music Charts

Puscifer is pretty familiar with Apple's Top Album Chart, as he has featured on the United States version of the chart 2 times. His best showing on the chart came on Nov 3, 2020. Puscifer peaked as high as 3 for his album, Existential Reckoning.

Puscifer Discography

AlbumRelease DateAlbum Type
Don't Shoot The MessengerJan 1, 2007Single
Cuntry BonerOct 2, 2007Single
V Is For Vagina (Deluxe)Oct 30, 2007Album
"V” Is For Viagra, the Vagina RemixesJan 1, 2008Album
D Is For DubbyOct 17, 2008Album
C Is For (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here)Jan 1, 2009Single
Sound Into Blood Into WineSep 7, 2010Album
Conditions Of My ParoleJan 1, 2011Album
What Is… (Live)Jan 1, 2013Album
Donkey Punch The NightJan 1, 2013Album
All Re-Mixed UpNov 27, 2013Album
Money ShotJan 1, 2015Album
Money $hot Your Re-LoadDec 9, 2016Album
ApocalypticalMay 8, 2020Single
The UnderwhelmingSep 18, 2020Single
Existential ReckoningOct 30, 2020Album
Live At ArcosantiNov 12, 2021Album
Billy D and the Hall of Feathered Serpents (Live)Nov 12, 2021Album
Bullet Train To Iowa / The Underwhelming Re-imaginedJun 30, 2022Single
V Is for VersatileNov 11, 2022Album
Parole ViolatorNov 11, 2022Album
A Singularity - Re-Imagined by Carina RoundJan 11, 2023Single
Postulous - Re-Imagined by PhantogramFeb 24, 2023Single
Existential Reckoning - Re-WiredMar 31, 2023Album
Global ProbingNov 17, 2023Album

Puscifer Top Tracks

TrackAlbumRelease Date
"Conditions Of My Parole"Conditions Of My ParoleJan 1, 2011
"Dear Brother"Donkey Punch The NightJan 1, 2013
"Green Valley"Conditions Of My ParoleJan 1, 2011
"Horizons"Conditions Of My ParoleJan 1, 2011
"Momma Sed"V Is For VaginaJan 1, 2007
"Potions (Deliverance Mix)"C Is For (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here)Jan 1, 2009
"Rev 22:20 (Don't Shoot The Messenger Version)"Don't Shoot The MessengerJan 1, 2007
"The Humbling River"C Is For (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here)Jan 1, 2009
"The Mission (M Is For Milla Mix)"Sound Into Blood Into WineSep 7, 2010
"The Remedy"Money ShotJan 1, 2015

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Nine Inch NailsRock2,461,752
A Perfect CircleRock1,788,400
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Meet Puscifer

Puscifer is an experimental hard rock band based out of Los Angeles, California formed in 1995. The band was developed by Maynard James Keenan, the lead singer and lyricist of Tool who has also collaborated with the industrial alternative group A Perfect Circle. The band is conceptual in nature, and is not only a band but also an artistic project, in an effort of Keenan’s to evoke his feelings and ideas about art.

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