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Oct 18
Friday, October 18
Fri • 8:00 PM
8:00 PM
Dolby Live at Park MGM
Las Vegas, NV
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Oct 19
Saturday, October 19
Sat • 8:00 PM
8:00 PM
Dolby Live at Park MGM
Las Vegas, NV
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Oct 23
Wednesday, October 23
Wed • 8:00 PM
8:00 PM
Dolby Live at Park MGM
Las Vegas, NV
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Oct 25
Friday, October 25
Fri • 8:00 PM
8:00 PM
Dolby Live at Park MGM
Las Vegas, NV
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Oct 26
Saturday, October 26
Sat • 8:00 PM
8:00 PM
Dolby Live at Park MGM
Las Vegas, NV
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Who is Lenny Kravitz?

Lenny Kravitz is a solo artist from New York that has reached legendary status across the Rock and Pop categories. Lenny Kravitz has released 16 live and studio albums and 31 singles on Spotify that string all the way back to Sep 6, 1989 with his debut album titled Let Love Rule: 20th Anniversary Edition. His most recent album release was Raise Vibration on Sep 7, 2018.

Lenny Kravitz's Popularity

Lenny Kravitz's growth has led to an overall artist ranking of 1,535 on Spotify in the United States. He has become well known for his exciting shows and entertaining performances which has built a robust following. This is largely fueled by tens of millions of listeners and more than 3,000,000 followers on Spotify, but he also reaches an additional hundreds of millions of listeners on Spotify through playlists. Additionally, Lenny Kravitz has a robust following on social media with over 4,000,000 followers on Instagram. He averages tens of millions of videos on YouTube and his top video on TikTok has hundreds of millions of views on the social media platform. There are also nearly 200,000 posts on Tik Tok with Lenny Kravitz's tracks featured on them. When you attend your next Lenny Kravitz show, it will be easy to see why he has built such a large following.

Lenny Kravitz as an Artist

You likely recognize Lenny Kravitz by his top tracks which include "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over", "Fly Away", and "Are You Gonna Go My Way". You might also listen to Lenny Kravitz due to his earliest albums such as Let Love Rule: 20th Anniversary Edition, Let Love Rule, and Mama Said (Deluxe), but you may have heard of him from similar artists such as U2, The Police, and R.E.M..

Lenny Kravitz's RIAA Awards

Lenny Kravitz has reached the pinnacle of any artist's career by earning an RIAA award. His top award came on Apr 18, 2001 for his album Greatest Hits. He received a Multi-Platinum award for the album. In total, Lenny Kravitz has 3 Multi-Platinum albums. That's not all though. Lenny Kravitz has been fortunate enough to achieve a Platinum award for 2 more albums. Even with all of this success, his RIAA collection finishes with 4 additional Gold albums. As such a well renowned artist, you can be certain that Lenny Kravitz's shows are going to be unforgettable thanks to his decorated music library.

Lenny Kravitz Discography

AlbumRelease DateAlbum Type
Let Love Rule: 20th Anniversary EditionSep 6, 1989Album
Let Love RuleSep 19, 1989Album
Let Love RuleSep 19, 1989Single
Mama Said (Deluxe)Apr 2, 1991Album
Mama SaidApr 2, 1991Album
Are You Gonna Go My Way (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)Mar 9, 1993Album
Are You Gonna Go My WayMar 9, 1993Album
CircusSep 12, 1995Album
5May 12, 1998Album
AgainJan 1, 2000Single
LennyJan 1, 2001Album
BaptismMay 17, 2004Album
StormAug 14, 2004Single
I'll Be WaitingJan 1, 2007Single
Sony/Ericsson European preload 1Jan 1, 2008Album
It Is Time For A Love RevolutionFeb 5, 2008Album
Come on Get ItFeb 20, 2011Single
StandJun 3, 2011Single
Black and White America (Special Edition)Aug 30, 2011Album
Black and White AmericaAug 30, 2011Album
Superlove (Remixes)Jan 1, 2012Single
SuperloveMay 29, 2012Single
The ChamberJun 24, 2014Single
SexJul 29, 2014Single
StrutAug 19, 2014Single
New York CitySep 9, 2014Single
The Pleasure and the PainSep 12, 2014Single
StrutSep 23, 2014Album
It's EnoughMay 11, 2018Single
Low (Edit)May 25, 2018Single
Low (Sondr Remix)Jun 22, 2018Single
Low (Domenico Torti Remix)Jun 22, 2018Single
Low (DIMMI Rework)Jun 29, 2018Single
Low (DIMMI Remix)Jun 29, 2018Single
5 More Days 'Til Summer (Edit)Jul 25, 2018Single
Low (David Guetta Remix)Jul 26, 2018Single
Low (David Guetta Extended Remix)Jul 26, 2018Single
Low (Remixes)Aug 10, 2018Single
Raise VibrationSep 7, 2018Album
Low (Deluxe Remixes)Sep 28, 2018Single
5 More Days 'Til Summer (Tropkillaz Remix)Oct 4, 2019Single
Here to Love (#fightracism)Nov 22, 2019Single
Ride (Edit)May 29, 2020Single
TK421Oct 13, 2023Single
Road to Freedom (from the Netflix Film "Rustin")Nov 2, 2023Single
I Believe In Love AgainNov 8, 2023Single
I Believe In Love Again (Jex Opolis Remix)Dec 1, 2023Single

Lenny Kravitz Top Tracks

TrackAlbumRelease Date
"Again"AgainJan 1, 2000
"American Woman"5May 12, 1998
"Are You Gonna Go My Way"Are You Gonna Go My WayMar 9, 1993
"Can't Get You Off My Mind"CircusSep 12, 1995
"Fly Away"5May 12, 1998
"I Believe In Love Again - Jex Opolis Remix Edit"I Believe In Love Again (Jex Opolis Remix)Dec 1, 2023
"I Believe In Love Again"I Believe In Love Again (Jex Opolis Remix)Dec 1, 2023
"I Belong To You"5May 12, 1998
"It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over"Mama SaidApr 2, 1991
"TK421"TK421Oct 12, 2023

Lenny Kravitz RIAA Awards

5Multi-PlatinumSep 2, 1999
Are You Gonna Go My WayMulti-PlatinumJan 25, 1995
BaptismGoldDec 13, 2004
CircusGoldNov 13, 1995
Greatest HitsMulti-PlatinumApr 18, 2001
LadyGoldJan 26, 2005
LennyPlatinumDec 6, 2001
Let Love RuleGoldAug 11, 1995
Mama SaidPlatinumMay 3, 1995

Similar Artists to Lenny Kravitz

ArtistGenreSpotify Followers
The PoliceRock5,815,241
Duran DuranRock2,837,300
Alanis MorissettePop2,691,344
No DoubtPop2,664,829
Simply RedPop2,276,854
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Meet Lenny Kravitz

Retro rocker Lenny Kravitz first emerged at the tail-end of the 1980's, releasing his critically acclaimed debut album Let Love Rule in 1989. Characterized by its funk-rock, flower-power vibe, the album reached the number 61 spot on the Billboard 200 and featured Kravitz on every aspect of the album, from lead and backing vocals, to playing every instrument on recording. This recording style would become his trademark as his sound evolved over time. Known for his retro style, Kravitz often incorporates elements of rock, blues, soul, reggae, funk, jazz, R&B, psychedelic, folk, and pop, creating a sound and energy that is uniquely his own. He has released a total of 11 studio albums to date, winning several prestigious awards for his contributions to music including the Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performances four years in a row (1999-2002), breaking the record for most wins in that category. In addition to his prolific career in the music industry, Kravitz has also broken into the acting world, appearing in a handful of box-office hits including The Hunger Games and Zoolander.

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