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The Iowa Cubs

The Iowa Cubs, fondly known as the 'I-Cubs', are a beacon of Baseball in the American heartland. Established in 1969, they are the Triple-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs and have been since 1981. The I-Cubs have had several names in the past, including the Iowa Oaks under the affiliation of the White Sox and the Athletics, before embracing their current name and identity in 1982.

The team calls Principal Park their home, a stadium nestled at the confluence of the Raccoon and Des Moines Rivers. Boasting a seating capacity of 11,000, the stadium often reverberates with cheers from the passionate I-Cubs fans, creating an atmosphere that is electric and unparalleled.

Over the years, the I-Cubs have enjoyed a rich playoff history. Their most prestigious achievement came in 1993 when they clinched the American Association Championship. The taste of victory has only intensified their hunger, and the team continues to strive for more glory.

As with any sports franchise, the I-Cubs have their fair share of rivalries. The most notable is perhaps with the Omaha Storm Chasers, the Triple-A affiliate of the /kansas-city-royals-tickets/341/e>Kansas City Royals. The two teams have shared numerous heated encounters, further adding to the rich tapestry of Minor League Baseball.

What makes the I-Cubs particularly interesting is their role in shaping future Major League Baseball's stars. They have been a vital stepping stone for numerous players who have gone on to make a significant impact in the major leagues. Notable alumni include Greg Maddux, Mark Grace, and Kris Bryant. The I-Cubs provide an opportunity for these players to hone their skills and prepare for the big leagues, and it's a thrill for the fans to witness these future stars in action.

In conclusion, the Iowa Cubs are more than just a baseball team; they are a significant part of the community, a symbol of Iowa's rich baseball culture, and a testament to the enduring appeal of America's pastime. From their humble beginnings to their current standing, the I-Cubs have consistently offered thrilling baseball and cultivated a deep-rooted love for the sport within their fans.

Iowa Cubs Facts

  • The Iowa Cubs play their home games at Principal Park, located in Des Moines, Iowa. The stadium has a seating capacity of around 11,500 and offers beautiful views of the downtown skyline.
  • In 1997, the Iowa Cubs moved from the American Association to the Pacific Coast League (PCL). The PCL is one of the highest levels of MiLB and features teams from the western United States and the Pacific Rim. In its heyday, this league saw the talents of top stars like Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams.
  • The team’s sole title so far is the 1993 American Association championship.
  • Triple-A teams like the Iowa Cubs play a crucial role in player development for their MLB parent club. It serves as a stepping stone for young prospects, and a place for veterans to continue honing their skills or getting back in the game after recovering from injuries.
  • As a Triple-A team, the Iowa Cubs serve as a direct feeder club to the Chicago Cubs. Players can be promoted from Iowa to Chicago or demoted back down, depending on their performance and the needs of the MLB team.
  • Many notable players have spent time with the Iowa Cubs before making it to the Major Leagues. Some of them have gone on to have successful careers in MLB, including several players from the iconic 2016 team that brought in the Chicago Cubs World Series victory, such as Kris Bryant, Javier Báez, and Kyle Schwarber.

FAQs about Iowa Cubs 2024 Game Schedule And Tickets

When were the Iowa Cubs founded?

The team was founded in 1969 as the Iowa Oaks and later became the Iowa Cubs when they became the Triple-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs in 1981.

Are the Iowa Cubs affiliated with an MLB team?

Yes, the Iowa Cubs are the Triple-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs, meaning they serve as a developmental team for the MLB club. Players on the Iowa Cubs roster have the opportunity to be called up to the Chicago Cubs when needed.

What league do the Iowa Cubs play in?

The Iowa Cubs play in the International League, which is one of two leagues playing at the Triple-A level, one grade below Major League Baseball. The International League has 20 teams across 14 states.

Where do the Iowa Cubs play their home games?

The Iowa Cubs play their home games at Principal Park, located in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. The stadium has a seating capacity of around 11,500.

How many championships have the Iowa Cubs won?

The Iowa Cubs have won one championship in their history, namely the 1993 American Association championship.

Who are some notable Iowa Cubs players?

The Iowa Cubs have been home to several notable players who went on to have successful careers in Major League Baseball (MLB). Some of these players include Kris Bryant, Javier Báez, Anthony Rizzo, Kyle Schwarber, and others.

What is the purpose of the Iowa Cubs?

The primary purpose of the Iowa Cubs, like other Triple-A teams, is player development. They provide a platform for young prospects to refine their skills and gain experience before making it to the Major Leagues. The team also offers opportunities for veteran players looking to make their way back to the big leagues.

Is Principal Park accessible to fans with disabilities?

Yes, Principal Park is equipped to accommodate fans with disabilities, with wheelchair accessible seating, plus elevators inside Gate C and in the left field (coming in through the Betfred Sports Lounge entrance).

Can I bring outside food and drinks to Principal Park?

Outside food and beverages are generally not allowed inside the stadium. It's best to check the stadium's policy or contact the Iowa Cubs for specific guidelines.

What is Principal Park’s gate time?

In regularly scheduled home games, Principal Park opens its gates 60 minutes before first pitch. Gate time, however, may vary for doubleheaders.

What is the Iowa Cubs mascot?

Cubbie Bear has been the Iowa Cubs mascot since 1982. He’s not only a staple in Cubs games but also a beloved Des Moines figure, always up for high-fives with the team’s community.

Is there an on-site restaurant at Principal Park?

Yes! There's a Betfred Left Field Lounge sports bar for Principal Park visitors over 21. Baseball fans can reserve tickets (in sets of four) for this area and enjoy games from a climate-controlled area, choosing from a premium selection of food and beverages. Ballpark visitors can also get access to the area for $5, with one drink token for use at the bar, plus a la cart food items and availability of games like bags and giant Jenga.

Are there any unique Iowa Cubs traditions?

One lovely Principal Park tradition is the annual citizenship ceremony, in which people from all over the world are sworn in as U.S. citizens right on the ballpark, before a game. Each season, the Cubs play a game at the Field of Dreams movie site in Dyersville, Iowa, honoring the beloved baseball movie. Other team traditions include Friday night fireworks at Principal Park, plus specialty nights like Bark in the Park (where fans bring their dogs to a game) and Star Wars Night (a time to dress up as characters from a galaxy far, far away). You’ll also hear I-Cubs fans singing Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” when the team takes the field!

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Venue Date Price Tickets Available
Principal Park Apr 19, 2024 From $14 194
Principal Park Apr 20, 2024 From $17 358
Principal Park Apr 21, 2024 From $15 409
Sahlen Field Apr 23, 2024 From $6 506
Sahlen Field Apr 24, 2024 From $7 805
Sahlen Field Apr 25, 2024 From $7 520
Sahlen Field Apr 26, 2024 From $10 798
Sahlen Field Apr 27, 2024 From $11 565
Sahlen Field Apr 28, 2024 From $9 859
Principal Park Apr 30, 2024 From $15 562