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The Indy Fuel is a storied franchise in the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL), renowned for its competitive spirit and unyielding drive. Established in 2013, the team's home games are played at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum in the Indiana State Fairgrounds, a historic venue in Indianapolis with a capacity of 6,200 that has become a hotbed of excitement on game nights.

The Indy Fuel joined the ECHL as an expansion team, contributing to the league's rich history. The ECHL, initially the East Coast Hockey League, has been a respected developmental league for the National Hockey League (NHL) and the American Hockey League (AHL) since 1988. Many players have launched their professional careers here, including those who have suited up for the Fuel.

The team's arch-rival is the Fort Wayne Komets, a competitive feud that has seen some fierce and thrilling games throughout the years. These matchups, often referred to as the "I-69 Rivalry" due to the interstate connecting the cities, are a true spectacle of the sport, showcasing the passion and intensity that the Fuel brings to the ice.

In terms of championships, while the Indy Fuel has yet to secure the top spot in the ECHL, they have shown moments of brilliance in their playoff appearances. With a roster full of young and ambitious talent, the team is always on the cusp of making waves in the league and has shown potential for a championship run in the future.

The games are not only a showcase of hockey talent but also a unique experience filled with electric energy and pure, unadulterated passion for the sport. Whether you're a die-hard hockey fan or new to the excitement of live games, the atmosphere at an Indy Fuel game is an experience unlike any other.

The Indy Fuel, with its mix of history, rivalry, and potential, offers more than just a game - it's a spectacle, a community event, and a unique sporting experience rolled into one. Now is the time to become part of the action! Don't miss out on the next adrenaline-fueled match. Buy your tickets today! Be a part of the history, the rivalry, and the future of the Indy Fuel.

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Venue Date Price Tickets Available
Indiana Farmers Coliseum Feb 27, 2024 From $29 63
Indiana Farmers Coliseum Mar 1, 2024 From $28 1,499
Heritage Bank Center Mar 2, 2024 From $45 426
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum Mar 3, 2024 From $20 1,624
Wings Event Center Mar 8, 2024 From $33 931
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum Mar 10, 2024 From $13 2,247
Indiana Farmers Coliseum Mar 15, 2024 From $28 905
Indiana Farmers Coliseum Mar 16, 2024 From $32 1,396
Heritage Bank Center Mar 17, 2024 From $45 1,135
Wesbanco Arena Mar 19, 2024 From $20 40