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Experiencing the Magical Spectacle of Cirque Dreams: Holidaze

Stepping into the vibrant, fantastical world of Cirque Dreams: Holidaze is like tumbling into a storybook page, where the holiday spirit is not just in the air, but also twirling in mid-air, flipping on high wires, and dancing on stilts. It's an event where the ordinary laws of gravity and convention give way to the extraordinary, in a celebration that enchants children and adults alike.

From the moment the theater lights dim and the curtains part, you're captured by a dazzling spectacle of performers dressed as holiday ornaments. The stage, bedecked like the inside of a magical snow globe, is set for a series of jaw-dropping acts. Acrobats, aerialists, contortionists, and a myriad of other performers from all corners of the globe come together in a whirlwind of talent and costumes that is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Every single act is a unique spectacle, each building on the excitement and wonder of the one before it. The deftly-executed, high-risk stunts leave audiences holding their breath, while the comedic moments offer light-hearted relief and laughter.

But what truly sets Cirque Dreams: Holidaze apart is its irresistible, larger-than-life holiday spirit. Every performance, every song, and every scene are carefully crafted to not only wow with its physical feats but also to warm the heart with its poignant rendition of festive themes. The grandeur of holiday classics, stunning vocal performances, and a live orchestra immerse you in a sensory journey that leaves you with a profound sense of holiday cheer.

By the end of the show, as you walk out of the theater, the spectacle of Cirque Dreams: Holidaze doesn’t just leave you with the echo of applause in your ears. It leaves you with the magic of the holidays in your heart - a feeling of joy, wonder, and goodwill that lingers long after the curtain falls.

FAQs about Cirque Dreams: Holidaze Tickets

How and where to buy Cirque Dreams: Holidaze tickets?

While it may be difficult to find Cirque Dreams: Holidaze tickets, Event Tickets Center has plenty of Cirque Dreams: Holidaze tickets available starting from $14. Select your tickets using our interactive seating chart, and follow the steps in checkout. You'll be going to a Cirque Dreams: Holidaze event in no time!

How much are Cirque Dreams: Holidaze tickets?

On Event Tickets Center, Cirque Dreams: Holidaze ticket prices range from $14 up to $625 over a number of different Cirque Dreams: Holidaze events.

When do Cirque Dreams: Holidaze tickets go on sale?

Typically, Cirque Dreams: Holidaze will announce a tour 3-6 months before the first show, and tickets go on sale within a few weeks of the tour announcement.

Are Cirque Dreams: Holidaze tickets sold out?

No tickets to see Cirque Dreams: Holidaze are not sold out. While tickets to see Cirque Dreams: Holidaze may be sold out on other ticketing websites, Event Tickets Center has plenty of tickets available for you to see Cirque Dreams: Holidaze live.

Are Cirque Dreams: Holidaze tickets on sale?

Yes, Cirque Dreams: Holidaze tickets are on sale, and you can buy them right here at Event Tickets Center.

When is the next Cirque Dreams: Holidaze event?

The next Cirque Dreams: Holidaze event is on December 2, 2023 at Morris Performing Arts Center in South Bend, IN. Event Tickets Center has 4 tickets available for this event.

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Venue Date Price Tickets Available
Morris Performing Arts Center Dec 2, 2023 From $101 4
Fox Theatre - Detroit Dec 2, 2023 From $77 46
Smart Financial Centre Dec 2, 2023 From $27 33
Fox Theatre - Detroit Dec 2, 2023 From $83 393
Morris Performing Arts Center Dec 2, 2023 From $105 107
Smart Financial Centre Dec 2, 2023 From $14 293
Fox Theatre - Detroit Dec 3, 2023 From $35 667
Morris Performing Arts Center Dec 3, 2023 From $72 78
Selena Auditorium Dec 3, 2023 From $50 255
Honeywell Center Dec 5, 2023 From $52 129