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Theater Three is a beloved event venue located in the charming seaside village of Port Jefferson, New York. It was founded by Richard and Joanne D'Incecco in 1978 as a professional Equity theater welcoming performing artists from near and far. Flashing forward more than 40 years later, Theater Three has become a cultural icon of the Long Island community, with its 599-seat theater shining bright on every performance night. With its classic smoky red velvet curtains, stunning lighting design, and crystal clear acoustics - this rustic venue is indeed something special! Aside from theatrical productions, the scene at Theater Three also includes family performances, concerts, and much more. Whether one is looking for live entertainment or merely to bask in the classic ambiance of a historic building - Theater Three will be sure to take you away.

Port Jefferson is a charming and historic waterfront village located on the north shore of Long Island. It boasts a bustling shopping district and plenty of attractions to keep you busy, such as delightful restaurants, unique boutique shops, many trails, and local beaches. During the summer, visitors can enjoy the annual Maritime Festival celebrating the area's rich seafaring history. Port Jefferson also has its ferry service transporting passengers three times daily to Connecticut, making it easy for anyone within reach of Long Island’s north shore to escape for an exciting day trip.

Theater Three offers exceptional theatrical performances that are sure to tantalize your senses. With top-notch professional production teams, engaging material, and an intimate setting, this one-of-a-kind venue should not be missed! Be sure to check out their upcoming schedule and make plans to visit soon.

Event Dates and Pricing Information

Performer Date Price Tickets Available
Tick Tick... Boom Mar 1, 2024 From $191 18
Dorothy's Adventures in Oz Mar 2, 2024 From $104 48
Tick Tick... Boom Mar 2, 2024 From $105 55
Tick Tick... Boom Mar 3, 2024 From $105 57
Tick Tick... Boom Mar 7, 2024 From $105 63
Tick Tick... Boom Mar 8, 2024 From $105 63
Dorothy's Adventures in Oz Mar 9, 2024 From $104 48
Tick Tick... Boom Mar 9, 2024 From $105 63
Dorothy's Adventures in Oz Mar 10, 2024 From $104 54
Tick Tick... Boom Mar 10, 2024 From $105 63